A Way Out Walkthrough | Part 3: Preparations

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Get ready for a fight in A Way Out, Part 3: Preparations. The third act of A Way Out sends Leo and Vincent home — you’ll visit family, track down Harvey’s associates, and rob gas stations to earn enough scratch to purchase an arsenal of weapons. Yes, there’s a totally new mechanic in one of these chapters — full-blow third-person shooting.

This is one of the longest parts of the game, and there are more than a few spots you can relax. Check out Connect Four in the gas station, or have a friendly baseball game in the trailer park. You’ll be able to compete in quick mini-games. None of them are necessary, but they’re worth checking out. Below, we’ll break down exactly how to complete every chapter, and provide a little insight into the different ways you can handle each chapter.

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A Way Out Walkthrough | Part 3: Preparations



  • This is a large area, but a short chapter. There are plenty of extra activities here — you can track down a cheating husband, hit baseballs, or swing. Let’s just move onto the next step.
  • Go through the Mechanic’s Shop, exiting out the back door and push the dumpster out of the way to find Leo’s family at the trailer below.
  • When the cops leave, Leo will need to go inside while Vincent putters around. Leo will have to follow his kid up to the tree house and stake the sign back into place. Vincent just needs to do nothing — play darts or talk to Leo’s wife for a side-job.
  • After convincing Leo’s kid to come out of the tree house, you’ll pick up a game of basketball.


  • Another quick chapter. This is all about the basketball court. You can pass and shoot — pass to the kid when he asks, or just keep dunking. Eventually you’ll be able to pick up Leo’s kid and help him dunk, ending the basketball session.
  • Leo will leave and talk to his wife, while Vincent continues to play. That leads us to the end of the chapter — next, Leo is going to hunt down an old associate of Harvey’s.

Hazardous Hunt

  • A man called Ray is working at the top of a construction site. At the entrance, you can select Leo’s Way or Vincent’s Way, but either choice will get you into the site.
  • To find Ray, talk to the worker along the left with back pain, in the area with the elevator. He’ll point you to the top level. Ride the elevator up to find Ray.
    • You can also have an arm-wrestling match — see who can mash buttons the fastest!
  • This is where things go crazy. Up top, Ray will sprint for a quick escape. You’ll split up to follow him, but the path is pretty straightforward — jump when you need to jump, and weave around the construction site to follow Ray.
  • Eventually, you’ll both ride elevators up to the roof. Ray is hiding — to find him, open the container past the port-o-johns. Bust through the door ahead, then use the crane to lift Leo up to the platform where Ray escaped up to… while removing the ladder.
  • While Ray is on the crane, you’ll split up and attack Ray — Vincent first, then Leo for the save.

Violent Questioning

  • Finally! Ray is captured. This is a very, very short chapter. Just use the torture equipment strewn all over to get answers. Use about three pieces of equipment to make Ray talk.
  • There’s a secret option too; you can kill Ray! Weird, right?
    • To do that, push Ray to the ledge, then make Leo angry by pausing on the table with the wallet. Eventually he’ll snap.

Stick Up 

For this robbery, you can do it one of two ways — the quiet way, or the Leo way. If you choose Vincent’s option, you can actually complete the robbery without anyone calling the cops. The robbery essentially plays out the same way no matter what you choose, so let’s focus on the no-cop run.

  • Vincent Choice
    • When Vincent has the gun, the robbery can go much more smoothly.
    • Talk to the guy with the gas can outside the station. Tell him to leave.
    • Inside, talk to the man opposite the counter looked at canned goods. Tell him there’s a better, cheaper store down the block.
    • Interact with the pay phone to disconnect it.
    • Talk to the clerk with Vincent to start the robbery. When it begins, tell the one patron near the door to stay down and raise his hands.
    • Leo will check the back room and get attacked. Help him with Vincent, then return to disarm the clerk at the front desk.
    • Demand the safe combination — the code is always 1-3-7.
    • Unlock the safe, get the money, and get moving. You’ll be gone before the cops arrive.

Gun Runner

  • Here’s a chapter that introduces something completely different — guns! Yes, there is third-person shooting in this game, and you can practice in this chapter.
  • No matter what choice you go with, the Gun Runner will let you test her wares. You can select one of four different guns — a shotgun, a single-shot rifle, a 3-shot burst assault rifle, and a fully-automatic submachine gun.
  • You can shoot up the various buildings and junk in the area — or you can skeet shoot. One friend can toss bottles, while the other friend shoots.
  • Make your selections — you’ll be locked in when you travel to Mexico to exact your revenge against Harvey. Choose wisely!

The Call

  • Vincent needs to call his contact and arrange transport to Mexico. Use the nearby payphone — too bad Vince doesn’t have any change.
    • Go to the newspaper stand on the corner to get some change. Talk to the clerk to buy cigarettes and collect some coins.
  • Now you’re free to use the phone and get ambushed by a silenced-pistol wielding assassin.

The Assassin

  • The assassin chases Vince and Leo into the theater. The pair will sprint — stay left to enter the backroom. Leo will hold the door while Vincent pushes cabinets to block the way inside.
  • That buys you some time. One player can move the boat prop on wheels while the other rides it over to the vent. Near the ropes, one player can help the other up.
    • When you’re both up, you can pull down the vent and reach the catwalks.
  • The assassin will continue to shoot! Stay low and behind cover to avoid getting killed.
  • Grab the lights to slowly wheel right, staying protected. Ahead, one player can take the controls and move the second lighting array so you can flank the assassin and ambush him from above.
    • After attacking the assassin, get the other player to rush and help before you’re killed.

A New Life

  • With the assassin dead, you’re free to visit the hospital. Talk to the woman at the front desk — she’ll point you to the elevator. You can stop and play Connect Four or talk to some of the patrons.
    • In the elevator, you’ll encounter a paranoid guard. It doesn’t matter what option you pick, Leo or Vincent, you’ll take care of him.
  • Upstairs, follow the signs to the Maternity Ward and talk to the woman at the desk. She’ll point Vincent in the direction of his wife.
    • Visit Vincent’s wife to initiate a cutscene that leads directly into the next (and last) chapter.

Against All Odds

  • The cops are here! For this entire chapter, Vincent and Leo are completely separated. You’ll have to sneak, sprint, and fight through each situation alone.
  • For this chapter, you’ll mostly be running. Run away from the cops, and break through doors (or punch cops) as required.
    • When Leo ducks into a dark room, wait for the cop to leave before sneaking out of the corner. Go through the door he leaves through, then kick down the door across the hall.
    • Next, Leo will enter a side-scrolling combat sequence. Press [Square / X] to attack, or [Triangle / Y] to counter when an enemy attacks.
    • In the locked room with Vincent, use the window to shimmy outside. Wait for the cops to look away before hopping between the windows or they’ll spot you.
    • When Leo takes a hostage, slowly back away toward the door. Don’t even try to shoot!
    • In the lobby, move Vincent to the bench and sit. Wait for the cops to pass before leaving.
    • Finally, in the garage, there’s nothing Leo can do, he’ll get caught.
  •  Jump out the window with Vincent, and hop into the car.  In an insane move, drive toward the cops, giving Leo enough time to escape. He’ll dive into the car, and you’ll drive away.

This is a totally bonkers chapter, but it leads to one big climax. Leo and Vincent take off for Mexico, and they’re loaded to bear. It’s time to shoot up a fancy mansion in Part 4: Vengeance.