Incredibly Awesome Minecraft Custom Maps

Minecraft is a massive phenomenon and despite launching in 2011, the video game continues to receive new updates and players. Developed by Mojang, the Minecraft video game is a sandbox title where players can craft just about whatever they like in a Lego-like world.

Gamers are encourage to be creative when building new structures and monuments. Likewise, the game offers a survival mode in which our protagonist in the world must craft resources to keep stay alive all while fighting off a variety of enemies such as zombies and skeletons.

When it comes to world creations, the online community has constructed incredible maps and adventures for others to enjoy. They range from replicas of real locations, multiplayer arenas, new exciting game modes, standalone adventure campaigns, and even complex mazes.

Each year more and more maps are added online for players to try out. If you’re looking to enjoy a new Minecraft map then check out our list down below.

#20 Calculate Your Escape

Those of you who like a good brainteaser will want to give Calculate Your Escape a chance. This is a puzzle game that will require players to carefully look at everything and attempt to solve the different puzzles which unlock additional rooms. It’s a newer map that’s been put together by creator Snowhiro, but so far players that have taken the challenge have thoroughly enjoyed it, despite certain areas stumping them. If you do opt to take the challenge then you can use this video which offers solutions for all the puzzles in case you want to skip a room and progress further.

Download Here

#19 Atla’s Hope

Those of you who love Norse mythology may find some interest in this adventure map. Atla’s Hope is an adventure title that takes place right before the devastating Ragnarok event. With even the gods unable to prevent the end of the world, one witch known as Atlas believes she’s found a way to stop Ragnarok from happening. Players will step into the role of a warrior who is set out to carry out Atla’s plan. There is a special texture pack you will need to download before you can start enjoying this map.

Download Here

#18 The Maze Runner

You may be familiar with the the cinematic franchise of the same name, but did you know that there is a Minecraft version of The Maze Runner that’s proved to be incredibly fun? In this game, players are dropped into a world with no memories of the past. Instead, you’re left with seemingly an impossible maze full of twists, turns, and dangers. There’s only one way out and it’s to successful go through this complex corridors in hopes of coming out unscathed.

This may be an older map, but it’s one that even after years of being released, fans are still stumbling upon this gem and it’s well worth trying out. With that said there is some rules you’ll need to abide by. For starters, you can’t break any mossy stone brick, there’s no climbing or building to reach the top of the maze walls, and you need to play in Minecraft 1.8 or later.

Download Here

#17 The Mystery of Herobrine Chapter 1

Everyone knows about the urban legend of Herobrine in the Minecraft franchise. While not being an official character, this haunting person continues to get brought up online. It wasn’t going to be long before there would be an influx of different adventure maps dedicated to Herobrine. Few stand out but The Mystery of Herobrine has captivated quite a bit of attention. This storyline will give players a bit of insight behind this mysterious hostile enemy and there are multiple parts so if you finished this chapter you can move on to the next section.

It’s clear that the creator Nolan414 had taken plenty of time to craft up this game as it’s filled with locations, boss fights, and puzzles. There are of course some rules you’ll need to abide by. For instance, you can’t break blocks unless stated to, the render distance needs to be set to 15+ Chunks, and while it’s intended for a single player, you can get away with up to three other players. With that said, if you enjoy horror maps on Minecraft then this is one not to miss out on.

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#16 Witchcraft And Wizardry

The Floo Network has been working on a rather massive project which would give Harry Potter fans. This is a mod that not only brings in memorable locations from the film franchise, but a storyline as well. You’ll have the ability to explore areas like Hogwarts and the famous platform 9 3/4. There’s also cast of spells as you fight against a variety of foes. It’s a project that has been in the works for years and has since been released for players to fully enjoy. While we are waiting for a true RPG title based on Harry Potter, this is the currently the best thing to a standalone Harry Potter adventure.

Download Here

#15 Test #11232

A puzzle map that gives players a bit of memory problem solving is Test #11232 which was created under JAYMINECRAFTON. The user released the map in 2015 and made it to be a quick puzzle adventure title that won’t hold you up too long. With that said, if you want something a bit long and challenging then this map may come to an end a bit too quick. However, on the other side of that statement, those who just need a quick map to enjoy to break things up between gaming sessions or your daily routines, this is definitely a worthy map download.

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