Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet – How To Level Up Fast | XP Farming

From development team, DIMPS and publishers Bandai Namco Entertainment comes a brand new video game entry to the Sword Art Online franchise. The beloved anime and manga series has seen a few video game titles launch into the market for various platforms.

This latest title, Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet, takes on a brand new adventure for players to go through. Within the game, players will create a custom protagonist in the world of Gun Gale Online where a thrilling adventure, quests, and characters are waiting.

Likewise, throughout the journey, it seems that players will have to make big choices which will alter some narrative events. Being a brand new adventure, gamers won’t have to rely too much on past material of Sword Art Online to enjoy the game.

Need some help going through Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet? In this guide, we’ll discuss just how to level up fast.

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How To Level Up Fast

For starters, this leveling up process can be done right from the start of the game. You’ll need to just get to the point where your character can start to move around and explore the open world. Your objective at this point is to make your way to the Floating Tower and from there you’ll just rinse and repeat the fights listed below as each enemy will respawn.


  • The best weapon to use is a handgun or submachine gun as you make your way to the Floating Tower. Enemies will replenish the ammo for those weapons once defeated.


  • Weapons and accessories that have the Experience Gain Increase skill attached will help the leveling process.

Elite Automaton

Within the Floating Tower area, you’ll find an Lv. 10 Elite Automaton for you to defeat. His drops are usually always good and it makes a good source to grind for not only XP but to gain items to sell.


Just west of the Floating Tower are two NPCs to attack. They will level up as you level up which makes them a good target to attack though they only level up when you leave the entire area. With that said, they can be difficult to take down so it’s best to assure your character is equipped with skills and abilities to help with health. Both NPCs are aimed at long range battle which means you’ll need to focus on close combat.

Scorpion Boss Fight

Likewise, south of the Floating Tower within the mounts will be the scorpion boss to defeat. This is another challenging boss but it can net you a good amount of XP and drops if you are able to take the enemy down.

Dungeon Method

Another means to level up early on is to head over to the Western Dungeon. In the area, there will be a number of enemy players to defeat. You would need to defeat all of the enemy players except for one.

The remaining player will go about and revive the fallen enemy players allowing you to once again strike them down.

All you have to do is repeat this process until you’re done farming XP.

Levels 40+ Grinding Area

If you have reached level 40 and are still looking for areas to grind XP then the best place to run with is the Industrial Zone within the Solitary Sands. You’ll find that most spawns within the area will be around level 50.

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