Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet – How To Level Affection Fast | Affection Farming

From development team, DIMPS and publishers Bandai Namco Entertainment comes a brand new video game entry to the Sword Art Online franchise. The beloved anime and manga series has seen a few video game titles launch into the market for various platforms.

This latest title, Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet, takes on a brand new adventure for players to go through. Within the game, players will create a custom protagonist in the world of Gun Gale Online where a thrilling adventure, quests, and characters are waiting.

Likewise, throughout the journey, it seems that players will have to make big choices which will alter some narrative events. Being a brand new adventure, gamers won’t have to rely too much on past material of Sword Art Online to enjoy the game.

Need some help going through Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet? In this guide, we’ll discuss just how to increase affection level fast.

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How To Level Affection Fast

One of the things you can do within Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet is increased character affections. In fact, this is one of the prerequisites for certain endings to the game. If you’re looking to increase the affection level for certain characters then there’s a really simple way of doing so.

First off one of the most important aspects of this guide is Sword Barriers. You’ll want to equip your best ones and then head to a dangerous area with your team. Ideally, you’ll want to head to an area where there are snipers such as the Fourth Area Dungeon.

Set the difficulty level to Extreme so that your opposing enemy such as the snipers will have a one hit kill.

With your Sword Barriers, you shouldn’t run into any risk of dying but your teammates will constantly get hit and killed. You’ll need to revive them which will give you 5% increase of affection.

This may take a bit of time before you’re able to fully reach the 100% maximum affection level for the characters but as of right now this seems to be the easiest route to take.

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