Dynasty Warriors 9: How To Quickly Bond With Officers | Game Guide

The Dynasty Warriors franchise has been around for what seems like ages with the latest installment in the series being Dynasty Warriors 9. Sparked into existence back in 1997, the overall series has received countless spin-offs along with installments to the main series over the years. Recently, the latest main installment of the long-beloved hack and slash series, Dynasty Warriors 9, has launched for the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms.

While the series as a whole has received some tweaking and slight innovations, this latest release may have one of the biggest innovations from developers Omega Force since changing the game up from the standard fighting title when Dynasty Warriors first launched. Dynasty Warriors 9 claim to fame is its open-world environment, a drastic change up in comparison to the previous title releases.

The bonding system has been around for a number of installments of the Dynasty Warriors franchise. By bonding with officers, you’ll gain some extra unlocks such as galleries and bodyguard skills from past installments. If you’re looking to bond with officers quickly in Dynasty Warriors 9 then check out a guide posted by SereneGamer.

  • Note: This guide will help with “The Ties That Bind Us” and “Sworn Friends” trophies.
  • Note: Two hideaways will be required.
  • Note: There is a glitch at the time of writing this guide. We’ve included a quick fix until the game is patched.
Bonding With Officers Tips & Tricks
Tip #1

Travel to major cities after each chapter. This is to avoid missing out opportunities to speak with certain officers who may be killed later on in the game and if you’re looking to get the trophy or achievement known as “The Ties That Bind Us” then you’ll want to make a habit of checking in with the major cities around the map often.

Tip #2

The second tip is to acquire two hideaways. This will be important to make use of leveling up bonds fast. Of course, hideaways don’t come cheap especially if you’re just starting out in the game so you may need to farm for gold beforehand.

  • Note: You can quickly raise the level of a bond by sending letters and going from one hideaway to another.
  • Note: To help gain gold in order to purchase a hideaway, take a look at our farming gold and XP guide.

Bonding Trick
Step #1

Send a letter out to an officer from your first hideaway and then travel to your second hideaway. Once you open the doors to the hideaway, you’ll find that the officer will spawn next to the building outside.

Step #2

Simply speak with the officer and you’ll raise their bond level.

Step #3

Now repeat this process and return to the first hideaway.

Letter Officer Glitch Fix

At times you’ll find that you’ll send a letter out to an officer and a completely different officer will appear at the hideaway. This is a glitch that’s occurring currently within the game at the time of writing this guide.

To fix this glitch, identify which officer is coming to the doorway once you have sent a letter, if it’s the wrong officer, simply bring up the map and fast travel to a camp. While at the camp you’ll need to advance time.

After time has advanced, go back to the hideaway and the correct officer should appear.

  • Note: If the problem is consistent and the above fix does not work then resend the letter.

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