Dynasty Warriors 9: How To Farm Gold & XP | Farming Guide

The Dynasty Warriors franchise has been around for what seems like ages with the latest installment in the series being Dynasty Warriors 9. Sparked into existence back in 1997, the overall series has received countless spin-offs along with installments to the main series over the years. Recently, the latest main installment of the long-beloved hack and slash series, Dynasty Warriors 9, has launched for the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms.

While the series as a whole has received some tweaking and slight innovations, this latest release may have one of the biggest innovations from developers Omega Force since changing the game up from the standard fighting title when Dynasty Warriors first launched. Dynasty Warriors 9 claim to fame is its open-world environment, a drastic change up in comparison to the previous title releases.


Farming Money & XP With Bandits

With the open world design of Dynasty Warriors 9, there’s an influence in leveling up and gathering gold. This can be a bit of a grind, but if you’re in need for some extra gold fast or XP then we can lend a hand. Here’s our guide on how to farm for both gold, the in-game currency for Dynasty Warriors 9, along with XP.


Exploring the world will allow players to run into wildlife and bandits. You should seek out bandits, but not just any bandit. The more profitable bandits will be the Bandit Chiefs and Bandit Leaders.


  • Luckily, bandits tend to travel in packs, so when you find one group, not far by will be more. They are a bit more buffed than standard bandits and as such the groups are available just about everywhere. You shouldn’t have any trouble finding these bandits, they can be about anywhere in the open world which ultimately means you won’t have to travel a great distance in order to start farming.
    • Note: Bandits can normally always be found towards the east side of Poyang at times.

Battle Tactics

There’s no wrong way of getting rid of the bandits. You could go in and attack as normal, but the key here for farming is to do little work as possible. Overall, the goal would be to go in, hit the bandits quickly, gather the goods, rinse and repeat.

One of the means to get rid of the Bandit groups is to use explosive arrows. These arrows can be expensive, but you’ll usually make your money back with profit after hitting the Bandit targets.

If you are able to purchase an explosive arrow, do so and head out to the open world in order to seek out the Bandits.

When you find a group with Bandit Chiefs or Bandit Leaders, stay away far enough to avoid triggering the group to start attacking you.

  • Note: We suggest staying on your horse as you’ll also be able to raise the horse stats while farming.

Pull out an explosive arrow if you have it and fire it at the group. From there, you can use a normal arrow to take out the remaining Bandits otherwise you can go in and attack freely.

Gold & XP

By killing off the Bandits you’ll gain XP and can go in and gather the items to use as sell bait to vendors. You’ll usually gain up to 6,000 gold after a Bandit hit.

Fishing For Gold

There’s a few methods to gaining some money by fishing. If you have the money for bait, this could be one of the better routes to go through. Below is some basic information on where to go in order to gain the various items to sell or gold to keep.

Gold Yibigian Hot Spot

  • Note: Normal bait required.

Step #1

  • Head to Guangling and acquire normal fish bait.

Step #2

  • Go to the Gaungling Port and start fishing. You’ll normally pick up Gold Yibigian. The Gold Yibigian is marked as rare drops but you’ll net quite a few each time.

Gold Bubi

  • Note: Normal bait required.

Step #1

  • Head to the Gaungling Northern Camp.

Step #2

  • Go to the water way near the camp and use normal fish bait. You’ll pick up Gold Bubi in this area along with Circlets which can be used to sell.

Item Hotspot

  • Note: Ultimate bait required.

Step #1

  • Head to Luoyang and go to the moat from within the area.

Step #2

  • You’ll need to use the Ultimate bait in order to gather several items. These items are used then to sell for profit. You’ll find that the Gorgeous Saddle can be acquired which sells for about 7500.

Hunting XP Tip

Right now, the AI within the game is pretty subpar which you can use towards your advantage. As such, if you spot a high leveled wildlife such as a tiger, simply use arrows from a distance to kill it.

  • Note: Use different arrows such as a poison arrow by shooting the animal within the back at a great distance. The game will reward you XP and if you’re far enough away, the wildlife won’t attack you.

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