Stardew Valley: The Best Crops To Plant For Every Season

Stardew Valley is about taking your time, enjoying life, and soaking in the simplicity of that wonderful farming lifestyle. Or, it can be about min / maxing your output and earning huge cash rewards at the end of the season. If you’re all about making the most out of your hard-earned time and just want lots of money, here’s a list of the best possible crops you’ll want to play, broken down by season, in Stardew Valley.

Here, we’ll split crops into two categories — crops that will make you rich, and crops that are cheap, but give you the most output. Inexpensive crops are great for beginners, as they won’t break the bank when you invest. The following recommendations are also based on the assumption you’ll plant the crops as often as possible, without using fertilizer or other boosts. Naturally, you’ll want to use Speed-Gro, but that isn’t taken into account for these lists.

The Best Crops To Plant For Every Season

The following crops are split into two categories — expensive and cheap. Expensive crops will give you the most cash, but you might not have enough cash starting out to purchase these crops. For Year 1, start with cheap crops, then move up to expensive crops in Year 2.



  • Expensive Crops:
    • Potatoes [$120-$360]: A very random crop. Maybe not earn you much, but if you’re lucky they can earn you a whole lot.
    • Green Beans [$100-$340]: Another temperamental crop. All profits come from earning extra crops that may pop up over the season.
    • Cauliflower [$190-$570]: Cauliflower don’t earn much alone, but if planted in a 3×3 square, you can get lucky and create a giant cauliflower.
    • Strawberries [$100-$700]: Only available in Year 2. Seeds can be obtained at the Egg Festival — strawberries produce extra fruit, making it the most valuable crop in the game.
  • ¬†Cheap Crops:
    • Garlic [$120]: A stable crop.
    • Parsnips [$90]: The cheapest, but the least profitable.


  • Expensive Crops:
    • Hot Peppers [$620]: Simple, straightforward hot peppers. Not too expensive, and very profitable.
    • Blueberries [$520]: Another simple, profitable fruit.
    • Starfruit [$700]: Year 2 only. Insanely expensive to purchase, but sell for a high profit. You’ll earn $300 for planting it.
  • Cheap Crops:
    • Tomatoes [$550]: Hot Peppers are cheap, too. Summer is an easy month for planting.


  • Expensive Crops:
    • Cranberries [$510]: The best Fall crop, cranberries are a straightforward choice if you’re willing to spend the cash.
    • Pumpkins [$44o-$999]: Pumpkins, like cauliflowers, have a chance to produce giant crops when planted in a 3×3 square. These are very rare, so don’t expect to see many.
  • Cheap Crops:
    • Eggplant [$280]: Simple, cheat eggplants.
    • Beets [$320]: If you’re planning on visiting the Oasis, these cheap seeds can earn you some cash in the Fall.


  • There is no planting during the winter. Prepare your livestock and ride out the cold months until you can start planting again in spring.

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