Friday the 13th: How to Beat Offline Mode | Virtual Cabin 2.0 Easter Eggs Guide

It’s been a long time, but now counselors can prepare for online matches against Jason (or vice versa) with a brand new offline mode included free with all versions of Friday the 13th: The Game. Bots aren’t the only new addition — a huge, puzzle-filled lodge can be explored if you’re willing to solve a brain-twister or two.

And there’s more than just puzzles to solve. This lengthy Easter egg quest is full of strange challenges, and you’ll get a glimpse of something especially awesome for completing it all. We won’t ruin it here, but the ending is absolutely amazing, and hints at future worlds to explore for thirsty Friday the 13th: The Game fans looking for new horizons to conquer. Learn how to complete every step of the bizarre, scary, and totally meta Virtual Cabin mode with the complete walkthrough below.

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How to Beat the Offline Mode Easter Eggs | Virtual Cabin 2.0 Guide

This guide only reveals the solutions to the puzzles in linear fashion. Youtuber SuperMilkbox’s videos helped resolve most of the remaining mysteries.


The offline, singleplayer mode is called “Virtual Cabin” — and solving it requires three separate, full in-game “runs” — each time you complete the Virtual Cabin, there’s another series of puzzles to solve and complete.

  • To get started, open Offline Mode -> Virtual Cabin

Welcome to the Virtual Cabin! For the following run, I’ll break down exactly what you need to do, step-by-step.

The First Loop

For the first loop, you’ll need to collect four secret patches to complete the Virtual Cabin puzzles.

  1. “Check For Updates” on the computer. Input “Mother” as the password to unlock additional functionality.
    • You should now be able to interact with objects, as well as crouch.
  2. Pick up all three figures on the dresser with the doll house behind the computer.
  3. Go to the adjacent room and collect three more figures from the doll house.
  4. Collect the last figurine in the bathroom. It’s located in the stack of cardboard boxes.
  5. Place the figurines in adjacent room dollhouse (Step #3), in order from left-to-right:
    • Ali
    • Jason (Bloody Machete)
    • Chris
  6. Place the figurines in the main room dollhouse (Step #2), in order from left-to-right:
    • Jessica
    • Jason (No Machete)
    • Steven
  7. Placing the figurines in the correct order to unlock the first patch. Collect it from the open drawer in the cabin.
  8. Next, you’ll need to collect a series of Jason masks hidden throughout the cabin.
    • Display Room: Inside an open cardboard box, next to a wheelchair.
    • 2F Bedroom: In the tent in the second floor bedroom, inside a tray.
    • Fireplace: Crouch and you’ll see this mask hidden in the burning fireplace.
  9. Go upstairs and look for the wall under the “Stillwater” flag. You’ll need to place the Jason masks in order.¬†Basically, place the masks in order of appearance.
    1. Brown, 3 red marks on the cheeks.
    2. Bloody cut in the forehead.
    3. White with blue symbols.
    4. Red mark on the brow.
    5. Grey, damaged edges.
    6. Yellow / brown, clean-ish.
    7. Most damaged.
  10. Place all 7 masks in order, then remove mask #3 (with the blue symbols) from the wall. Another drawer will open with another patch to collect.
  11. Next, you’ll need to collect movie props from various places throughout the cabin.
    • Display Room: Get the Sheriff badge on the pool table, near the wheelchair.
    • Bathroom: Find the red bandanna on the toilet.
    • Lobby: Take the blue hat off the coat rack near the front door.
    • 2F Bedroom: Near the tent in the second floor bedroom, find the blue yo-yo in the box on the shelf.
  12. The props need to be placed on podiums in four rooms.
    • Sheriff Badge: Place the badge on the podium in the second floor bedroom, under the two blue birds symbol.
    • Red Bandanna: Place the bandanna on the podium in the Display Room, under the green pear symbol.
    • Blue Hat: Place the hat on the podium in the back room of the cabin, near the kitchen, under the four red birds symbol.
    • Yo-Yo: Place the toy on the podium in the Toy Display room, under the painting of three brown birds.
  13. Place all the items on the proper podiums and a drawer will open with the third patch. Collect it!
  14. Next, go to the phone in the Main Lobby room and dial a number.
    • Dial: 1-555-342-9277
    • Dial the number, and the drawer under the phone will open. Take the patch from the drawer.
  15. Place all four patches onto the wall-mounted board in the kitchen. Each patch matches one of the shapes on the board. A secret room will unlock.
  16. Return to the computer in the Main Lobby and use it after placing the four patches.
    • Select “Change Date” and change the date to “JULY 13, 1979”
  17. Go down to the secret basement room that unlocked after placing the patches.
  18. Answer the phone to complete the first loop!

The Second Loop

Instead of collecting four patches in a relatively safe environment, the action is about to heat up as we hunt down three patches while dodging a very angry Jason. Hope you can stomach jumpscares!

  1. The second loop is much, much scarier. Open the Virtual Cabin mode and “Change the Date” to “JUNE 13, 1979.”
  2. Go down to the basement display room and answer the phone. Slowly approach the axe that appears in the wall after watching the scene.
    • Continue upstairs, watching the scenes as they play out, then go back downstairs and approach the hammock.
  3. Close the door to the room to find a hanging body. Collect the key off the corpse, then go back upstairs and exit the cabin through the broken door.
    • Use the key collected off the dead counselor to enter the maintenance shed. Get the shovel from the shed.
  4. Follow the cemetery path and use the shovel on the patch of dirt at Jason’s grave. When the corpse is exhumed, open the coffin.
    • Behind Jason’s grave, find the Fence Post in the broken fence and stick it inside Jason’s body.
  5. After stabbing Jason with the post, watch the ensuing cutscene and the first of three patches will appear in the coffin. Grab it before you leave!
  6. Go to the forest path opposite the cemetery. At this point, Jason is hunting you and he’ll kill you if you go the wrong way. You’ll have to walk a very specific path, which requires trial-and-error. If you stray off the invisible path, Jason will appear and kill you, forcing you to restart at the beginning.
    • Go to the machete first, then turn right and walk toward the carved heart in the tree. When you’re touching the tree, turn left.
    • Go to the tree with the arrow sticking out of it. When you’re touching this tree, face the direction the arrow is pointing — walk directly toward the duck next.
    • Stop at the duck, then turn left and dig at the pile of dirt.
  7. At the last location, use the shovel to dig up the dirt. Collect your second patch here.
  8. Next, go to the car parked outside the cabin and unlock the padlock to the refrigerator.
    • Input the code “5312” into the padlock to remove it.
  9. Take Jason’s mother’s head and place it on the altar in Jason’s cabin. When the head is placed, the last patch will appear.
  10. Input all the patches into the pedestal containing the gas can on the beach. The display case will unlock, allowing you to finally collect the gas.
  11. Use the gas on the nearby boat engine to escape, leading to another ending cutscene. Just one more loop to go!

The Third Loop

Things get really weird (and meta) in the third loop, as we break down the rules of reality and get an amazing glimpse at Jason’s future.

  1. To start the final loop, enter the Konami Code!
    • PC: Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A
    • Xbox One:¬†Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A
    • PS4: Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Circle, Cross
  2. If you input the code correctly, the Debug Menu will appear.
    • Turn on “Show FPS” and “Show Collision”
    • Turn off “Map Collision” and an error message will appear.
  3. Exit and go to the Display Room, then walk through the strange, glitch untextured door. You’ll enter another strange, untextured area.
    • Play the radio in this weird room and collect the glitch patches off the walls.
  4. Follow the glitch-y patch trail when you re-enter the cabin, which should now be even more glitch-y.
    • The trail leads down into the basement. When the bloody corpse is tossed through the window, continue to follow the trail of patches.
  5. Down in the basement display room, collect the three patches from the three Jasons with open hands. Continue to follow the new patches up to the second floor and to the “Coming Soon” room.
  6. Enter the strange spaceship corridor, and use the lever to enter the station. Ahead, you’ll encounter a surprise — yes, it’s Jason X!

Jason X is here to kill you and tease you all at the same time. Just try to enjoy the moment, and let’s all eagerly await a new level set on a virtual reality Camp Crystal Lake.

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