Friday the 13th: The Game Receives New Patch Update for Xbox One and PC Users, Read Full Fixes Here

Gun Media and Illfonic Games have issued a new patch for their asymmetrical multiplayer title, Friday the 13th: The Game.

The patches are pretty extensive fixing server issues, implementing new cinematics and a slew of other neat fixes. The patches are now live for PC and Xbox One users. Down below are all the update and fixes, check them out:

Xbox One update:

Patch Notes;

  • New intro cinematics for Tommy Jarvis spawn, Game Intro, and Game Outro.
  • Fixed crash for VoIP that would during gameplay
  • Fix for out of memory crash with a bug in the texture system bloating out textures after playing a couple of rounds.
  • Fixed getting stuck when interactive with drawers.
  • Fixed getting stuck when climbing through windows
  • Fixed camera getting stuck when interactive with doors, windows and drawers.
  • Fixed Jason getting stuck in a chop loop when breaking down doors.
  • Fixed Jason getting off aligned when breaking down doors. He will no longer keep popping back in a new position.
  • Fixed environment and grab kills being off.
  • Fixed environment and grab kill jittering.
  • Made knife pickup grab animations more accurate.
  • Fixed some knife pickups from not working.
  • Fixed the shotgun and flare gun sometimes not firing.
  • Fixed weapon swapping from floating.
  • Fixed firecrackers going through the world
  • Fixed physics on car. No longer can a group of counselors push it around.
  • Fixed getting in and out of a car where animations would get off sync.
  • Fixed players standing up in the car.
  • Fixed pocket knife not working when getting pulled out of the car.
  • Fixed more than one player being able to get into the driver’s seat at the same time.
  • Fixed physics on boat. No longer can a group of counselors push it around.
  • Fixed getting in and out of a boat where animations would get off sync.
  • Fixed players standing up in the boat.
  • Fixed more than one player being able to get into the boat driver’s seat at the same time.
  • Fixed HUD getting stuck when getting in and out of Armour.
  • Fixed blood getting stuck on screen when dying.
  • Fixed blood getting stuck on screen when coming back as Tommy Jarvis.
  • Fixed repair mini-game getting stuck on screen when getting hit with a weapon while doing the mini-game.
  • Fixed exploit where users were able to go into combat stance and then sprint sliding around the character but not burning any stamina.
  • Fixed Jason sliding around when getting stunned.
  • Fixed counselors sliding around when playing the falling animation.
  • Fixed Jason grabbing someone out of a car and them becoming a ghost.
  • Fixed driving the car getting out of sync with the server / host then teleporting the player back to where they got into a car.
  • Made session invitations a lot more reliable.
  • Fixed crash where you would exit a match and then start a new Private Match.
  • Added movable hair to the female characters.
  • Optimized all maps to have a nice performance increase on Xbox One when action gets intense.
  • Did a warmer lighting pass to increase visual quality.
  • Fixed crash when getting grabbed by Jason.

PC Update:

To optimize the database further, we have moved character profiles to the save file system, persisting in the cloud instead.

However, this means that:
– Counselor Perk and Clothing selections will have to be assigned again.
– Jason grab kill selections will have to be assigned again.

You still have everything you had before, it’s just storing your per-character settings in a different spot now.


– Added a Random option in the lobby.
– Turned intro volume down.
– Increased effectiveness of Jason and Counselor spawn preference options. Shuffling the possible Jason list 3x as much to help randomness.
– Disabled inhale sound effect for breathing while in a hiding spot.
– Made dead body stingers less obnoxious: Ignored while being pursued by Jason; 10s cooldown; Will not fire for witnessed nearby deaths.


– Fixed issue where you have infinite stamina.
– Fixed a few areas where the player couldn’t reach with Jason. Also fixed a stuck spot on Packanack.
– Fixed perk roller UI sometimes getting stuck if there is an error talking to the database.
– Fixed session heartbeat requests to be more resilient to service failures.
– Fixed some bugs with incremental Steam stats achievements. NOTE: These do not always update while the game client is open, sometimes taking until you exit the game before Steam shows progress.
– Fixed character hair stretching at lower frame rate.
– Fixed inverted mouse look and mouse sensitivity options not working on the input settings UI.
– Fixed Jason not always aborting the knife throw when stunned.
– Fixed a case where it was possible to get stuck in a knife throw.
– Fixed some visibility issues with the door interaction icons.
– Fixed some placement issues with dropped items.
– Fixed Jason’s mask floating when knocked off.
– Fixed Jason not always cancelling shift or morph if they hit a car in reverse.
– Fixed an issue with the hiding spot exit code.
– Fixed Counselors potentially getting stuck inside of a wall if hit while climbing through a window at the perfect time.
– Fixed Rotate Minimap With Player not updating when changed until a map change.
– Fixed some server specific crashes.
– Fixed people being able to share settings save games.

If you are having issues on connecting; go to your “C:\Users\youaccountname\AppData\Local\SummerCamp\Saved\SaveGames” and remove all the files inside or move them, this fixed it for me. (Enable Hidden Folders)

Friday The 13th: The Game allows players to control Jason while seven others play as Camp Counselors hoping to survive the night. Just like the iconic films, players must work together if they wish to survive; while Jason Vorhees is on the hunt to kill each and every counselor in sight.

Have you picked up the title yet? If so, how are you liking it? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Steam Page, Facebook Page.