Dead Space 3 Glitches | Exploits: Infinite Item Respawn, Unlimited Resources and More

dead space 3 glitches exploits

If Dead Space 3 is anything like its predecessors—and it's a LOT like its predecessors—then it's certainly not bug free. In spite of EA's thorough quality assurance, the game's got a number of glitches that, while they do not detract from the overall experience, serve as amusements when they do rear their ugly heads.

We've compiled a list of some of the most glaring glitches that've surfaced since the game's recent release and we thought to share them here before EA went and fixed them. Don't you just hate it when a developer takes pride in their work and actually addresses the glitches that get reported? Well, of course you do—and we do too. But let's take a moment and marvel at some of the glitches the game has to offer as an entrée to the main course.

There are also a few exploits discovered by some players for infinite item respawn and unimited resources on certain levels of the game.

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Dead Space 3 Unlimited Resources Exploit – Chapter 5

Dead Space 3 Infinite Respawn Exploit – Chapter 8

Dead Space 3 Enemy Acting up Glitch

Dead Space 3 Another Enemy Glitch