SNES Classic: Star Fox – How To Access Secret Levels | Easter Eggs Guide

The SNES Classic has arrived, and to commemorate the occasion, we’re diving into those classic SNES games of yesteryear to reveal awesome secrets, hidden levels, cheats and special techniques to make revisiting these games even better. There’s a lot to love about Star Fox, the space shootings polygonal action game included in the SNES Classic Edition along with it’s never-before-released (officially) sequel — and foremost is the replayibility.

At the start of the game, you’ll get your pick of one of three routes to reach Venom, the last stage in the game. Each route is progressively more difficult, with the first route reserved for beginners while the third route is for experts. Throwing a monkey wrench in the works are two bonus levels you can access; the Black Hole, and an even more surreal visit to an alternate universe. Learn how to access both hidden levels with the quick guide below.

Secret Levels  & Easter Eggs Guide

There are two hidden levels in Star Fox — the Black Hole, and Another Dimension. Both are pretty strange, but Another Dimension takes the cake for weirdness. In each entry, I’ll explain how to reach the secret level, and then dive into a little more detail. They’re strange, I’ll leave it at that for now.

How To Access The Black Hole

  1. Reach Level 1-2 (The Asteroid Belt, Route 1)
  2. Continue until you find a gold asteroid with four spinning grey asteroid.
  3. Blast the gold asteroid and fly through the center of the grey asteroids (where the gold asteroid was located).
  4. Do this for all three gold / grey asteroid clusters.
  5. A asteroid with a face will appear in the corner of the screen. Shoot it until a black hole appears.
  6. Fly through the reach the Black Hole!

The Black Hole is a strange ship graveyard with three level warps. You can fly through one of three portals that appears in the stage — Sector Y (Route 2), Sector Z (Route 3), and Venom (Route 1).


How To Access Out Of This Dimension

  1. Reach Level 3-2 (The Asteroid Belt, Route 3)
  2. In the stage, you’ll fly by a massive asteroid to the left. When you encounter the second massive asteroid on the right, keep shooting until you destroy it.
  3. A bird-like origami creature will fly out of the second destroyed large asteroid. Don’t shoot it!
  4. Instead, ram into it to teleport into the alternate dimension.

Unlike the Black Hole, the “Out of This Dimension” level is actually a weird alternate ending to the game. You’ll find paper airplanes, and the boss doesn’t even have a health bar. The boss features a slot machine design, and the only path to victory is to shoot until you get a 7 / 7 / 7 jackpot. You’ll even have to fight the credits. The game won’t end until you blast letters to correctly spell out “THE END”.

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