COD Zombies: The Beast From Beyond – How To Turn On Power

You won’t survive for long without power in Infinite Warfare’s fifth and final map, “The Beast From Beyond”. Getting the power on is always the crucial first step of every Zombies map, and the sci-fi themed space station in DLC4 is no exception. Instead of finding a power switch like most of the other Zombies maps, you’ll have to hunt for a different way to activate everything.

N3IL, the friendly robot that helpfully summons David Hasselhoff in Infinite Warfare: Zombies first map is back, and you’ll need to grab his head if you want to restore power and reactivate the many perk machines and Magic Wheels all around the map. Obviously, power is 100% required to unlock the weapon upgrading Pack-a-Punch machine.

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How To Turn On Power

At the start of DLC4, you’ll be trapped on a space station with an endless army of skittering cryptids. The cryptids won’t stop spawning until you activate the ship’s power supply, and it isn’t that easy. Unlike other Zombies maps, the power switch isn’t in the spawn room. Here’s what you need to do.


  1. From the Spawn Room, open doors to the main hub of the ship. There’s more than one path, but they all lead to the large center chamber.
  2. Inside the large chamber, there’s a hole in the floor giving off a green cryptid glow. Slide down the side of the torn-up crater so you land in a tunnel — don’t just drop!
  3. Down below, rush down the tunnel and onto the catwalk. At the end of the catwalk, collect N31l’s Head — it’s a robot head with a red face. Remember N31L from the very first Infinite Warfare Zombies map?
  4. Take Neil’s Head back to the Spawn Room. There’s a computer terminal built into the corner wall with two bright green monitors — place Neil’s Head in the computer system.
  5. The power will activate, Magic Wheels will be usable, and zombies will start spawning instead of cryptids.

And that’s how you turn on the power. When power is on, you’ll be able to start the hunt for the Pack-a-Punch room. You can also grab perks like Tuff Nuff. That’s found in the tunnel that leads to the catwalk with N31L’s head. Not a bad perk to grab after turning on the power.

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