COD Zombies: The Beast From Beyond – How To Unlock Pack-a-Punch

Before you can begin hunting for the massive Easter egg quest in “The Beast From Beyond”, you’ll absolutely have to unlock the Pack-a-Punch. The weapon upgrading machine is a staple of every Call of Duty: Zombies map, and the tradition continues into the last DLC map for Infinite Warfare. The Easter egg quest might be too tricky for most players to handle, but everyone can unlock the Pack-a-Punch.

This time around, you’ll need to collect three items to reactivate the teleporter. Like all the other Infinite Warfare Zombies maps, reaching the Pack-a-Punch means activating a teleporter that takes you back to the Projector Room. The Projector Room is a hub filled with secret buttons and switches and other Easter egg stuff, but it’s also where you’ll find the all-important Pack-a-Punch machine.

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How To Unlock Pack-a-Punch

The Pack-a-Punch is one of those super-important steps that everyone needs to know about in Call of Duty: Zombies. For 5,000 credits, you can deposit your favorite weapon into the Pack-A-Punch and get an enhanced, more powerful version of that weapon. It’s the same gun, but now it’ll be shiny.


  1. First, turn on the power. Check out the in-depth guide in the links above, or just drop into the hole in the large main room and grab N31L’s head on the catwalk, then input the head in the terminal back in Spawn.
  2. Next, you’ll need to collect three large Satellite Pieces. They’re not immediately recognizable as things you can pick up. They’re pretty large, so you should have no problem finding them. You can collect these parts in any order.
    • Satellite Part #1: Next to the Blue Bolts perk machine, you’ll find the large metal satellite piece to the right. Open the door under the catwalk from Spawn to reach this machine, at the bottom of the stairs. The part itself is in the dark corner, so it’s easy to miss if you’re not looking for it.
    • Satellite Part #2: Inside the Cargo Hangar, drop down to the ground floor and look for another similar sheet of metal tucked between the stairs and a shipping container in the corner. Another one that’s easy to miss.
    • Satellite Part #3: In the Cargo Hangar, press the button to open up a portal that takes you back to the streets of Shaolin Shuffle. Across the street from the arcade, there giant satellite chunk is on top of a car.
  3. When you have all three satellite parts, go to the snowy exterior of the map. There’s a busted bridge that leads to a large portal that’s visible from just about anywhere outside. Place the parts on the bridge, and you’ll be able to enter the portal.

That portal leads directly into the Projector Room where you (and friends) can access the Pack-a-Punch machine. And that’s all it takes!

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