Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Receives Its Last Expansion Next Week

The final expansion for Infinity Ward’s Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, concluding the game’s pre-announced 4 sets of DLC expansions.

PS4 players will get be the first to get access to the final DLC, Retribution, on September 12. This will include four new multiplayer maps:

  • Altitude: Set in a high-end, sky high shopping mall located on the edges of the universe, Altitude pushes teams around a chaotic centre where the chaos makes for great flanking opportunities.
  • Carnage: Is a post-apocalyptic race track along the California coast. Race tracks usually have areas where you can see quite far ahead, and this is no different. Carnage features long sight lines that are perfect for those of you who loves shooting from afar, but will give the shotgun and SMGs bang for their back near the centre. It’ll even include a few treats for the rascals out there, it the place is filled environmental hazards. The example Infinity Ward makes is a fire trap players can activate on command to roast their enemies.
  • Depot 22: This is a medium-sized, three-lane map set in a watering hole. The cluster of buildings makes it a great place for mid-ranged encounters, while also giving those of you who are skilled at wall-running several ways to surprise your enemies.
  • Heartland: Simulation maps are all the rage these days, and here’s another one. This a simulation of an American small town that some of you might recognise, as it’s a re-imagining of Call of Duty: Ghosts’ Warhawk map.

Players can also expect the final chapter in the famous Zombie mode. The studio recently released a trailer, teasing the last segment, check it out down below: