COD Zombies: The Beast From Beyond – The Complete Easter Egg Guide

For once the Easter egg quest in an Infinite Warfare: Zombies map isn’t too difficult. The Beast From Beyond, included in DLC4, and your intrepid group of movie-goers find themselves trapped in the distant future where they’ll fight a familiar enemy. The Cryptids, those aliens from the Call of Duty: Ghosts survival mode, make a big splash alongside a bunch of undead zombies.

Completing the Easter egg is pretty straightforward this time around. Yes, there’s an even more complex Super Easter Egg that involves replaying all the previous Infinite Warfare: Zombies maps, leading to an even bigger (and badder) boss fight, but here we’re focusing on the initial unlockable ending cutscene for the standard Easter egg. For that, you’ll need to get the Entangler gun, grab a bunch of floppy discs, figure out the keycode and solve a puzzle or two. There are only about seven major steps, much shorter than the previous, insanely difficult chemistry-centric Easter egg.

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The Beast From Beyond | The Complete Easter Egg Guide

[Work-in-Progress: Check back soon for more details, updates, and clarifications. Zombies Easter eggs are tough to figure out, so we’ll provide more info as it is discovered.]


NOTE: This Easter egg can be completed solo, but as per usual in these Easter egg quests, it’s a lot easier when you’ve got a full team in constant communication.

Step #1: Turn On the Power

The first step is so completely obvious, everyone should know how to get this far. Turning on the power is actually pretty easy — but you’ll have to find the right part and insert it into the right computer terminal.

  1. Open doors from Spawn to the main hub room with the huge cryptid hole chewed through the floor.
  2. Drop down into the hole and land on the tunnel ledge. Access the catwalk through the tunnel and collect N31L’s head at the end.
  3. Return to the Spawn Room and insert N31L’s head into the bright terminal with green monitors are a robo-head shaped square slot.

And that’s it! Insert N31L’s head into the terminal and the power is all your’s. The Perk machines and Mystery Wheels will reactivate.

Step #2: Get The Entangler

Before even accessing the Pack-A-Punch, which is something you should probably do anyway but isn’t yet required for this Easter egg, you’ll want to complete a few of the “Ghosts and Skulls” challenges. This is a secret quest that’s separate from the Easter egg, but the first two steps are required to unlock the Entangler gun, a special weapon you’ll need to (later) unlock collectible data floppy discs.

NOTE: Make sure that you cook the grenade before throwing it so it explodes mid-air and causes the power box to open in the first step.

  1. To activate the first “Ghosts and Skulls” skull, you’ll need to crack open a power box with a grenade explosion. When the box opens, an 8-bit skull will appear. Shoot it! The skull power box spawns in one of three random locations.
    • Above an exit door (from the stairs) in the room filled with water and a trap.
    • In the Cargo Bay, go down the stairs that curve and stand on the landing. Look up and right above to spot the box.
    • Or, it could be in the main hub room above the Bomb Stoppers.
  2. The second step requires everyone on the team to visit the Cargo Bay room. This one is very tricky. There are four very, very small red “X”s on the ground, all over the Cargo Bay. Everyone in your team (there can be less than four) needs to stand on one of these tiny “X” markers.
    • One “X” is on the cargo containers with the metal sheets.
    • One “X” is on the catwalk near an exit door.
    • One “X” is on the raised ledge above ground level with the black / yellow warning stripes painted onto the floor.
    • One “X” is on the yellow stripe on the opposite side of the raised ledge above ground level.
  3. Stand still on the red “X” markers and kill zombies until the 8-bit skull rises out of the floor. If you’re pushed out of the green area, you’ll have to reach another round to start over. Don’t let the zombies push you out of your circle!
    • When the step is complete, the green skull will appear somewhere in the Cargo Bay. Run and jump into it to collect it!

When you collect the first two digital skulls, the Entangler will appear in the center of the Cargo Bay. That’s the weapon we need for a future step, so keep it handy!

Step #3: Get All 4 Floppy Discs

Next you’ll need to collect four hidden floppy discs all around the map. Two of these discs can only be collected with the Entangler.

  1. Go to the hallway next to the Bang Bangs perk machine and look for a metal grating blocking a red-lit maintenance area. Shoot the floppy toward the metal grate near the far back of the blocked-off red area with the Entangler — the floppy will fly into the vents and appear at a random location.
    • Look in the low vent to the left and opposite of the mystery wheel, in the same room as the red hallway.
    • Go up the stairs and onto the platform above the red hallway. At the top of the steps, turn and look toward the door that faces Bang Bangs.
    • In the Medbay by the Spawn Room, under one of the unfolded center desks.
    • Next to the Magic Wheel location in the Spawn Room.
    • There may be more locations. These are all the vents found so far.
  2. To get the second floppy disc, collect a white helmet (they spawn all over) with the Entangler and take it to the Cryptid autopsy room. There’s a blue forcefield in one corner — throw the helmet through the forcefield, into a green monitor on the other side to disable the shield. The floppy disc is in the room.
  3. One floppy disc is located in the Pack-a-Punch projector room. To reach the room, you’ll need to collect three satellite shards found in three locations across the map, then use the metal scraps to create a bridge in the exterior area of the base to reach a portal platform. After leaving the Pack-a-Punch room, a blue cryptid will spawn somewhere on the map. Kill it and it will drop a floppy disc.
    • Satellite Part #1: Next to the Blue Bolts perk machine, you’ll find the large metal satellite piece to the right. Open the door under the catwalk from Spawn to reach this machine, at the bottom of the stairs. The part itself is in the dark corner, so it’s easy to miss if you’re not looking for it.
    • Satellite Part #2: Inside the Cargo Hangar, drop down to the ground floor and look for another similar sheet of metal tucked between the stairs and a shipping container in the corner. Another one that’s easy to miss.
    • Satellite Part #3: In the Cargo Hangar, press the button to open up a portal that takes you back to the streets of Shaolin Shuffle. Across the street from the arcade, there giant satellite chunk is on top of a car.
  4. The last floppy disc is the easiest to collect. Find it in the snow to the left of the P-a-P portal, near the edge of the area.

Step #4: Find The Floppy Combo & Input N31l

This is where things get complicated. Each floppy disc contains a strange symbol. Everyone will need to know which symbol is on their floppy disc — coordination is key. To find the proper combination of floppy discs, you’ll first need to find a list of symbols that spawns somewhere on the map.

The white list with the floppy disc combination is in one of the following locations.

  • Climb the yellow ladder in the Spawn Room and look at the floor near the ledge.
  • On a desk table in the break area to the right of the freezer trap. The paper here will be split into four pieces.
    • Two pieces of paper: the 2nd / 4rth match, the 1st / 3rd match.
  • The main hub room, on the second floor in the office area. Go upstairs above Bomb Stoppers and look on the long terminal — there are two post-it notes with the code.
  • Left of the Magic Wheel location in the Spawn Room, printed in white on the metal.

Each list features a different set of symbols, so you’ll need to coordinate if you have multiple players. Check the four symbols you found, then match those symbols to one of the four symbol lists — find a combo list that matches the four symbols you found on your floppy discs.

NOTE: Read the lists from top-to-bottom, left-to-right.

The list may have symbols you don’t possess. That’s okay! You only need to figure out the order to input the floppy discs — 1, 2, 3 and 4. The first symbol (left or top) that appears is the first floppy you need to input, the second that appears is second, third is third, and fourth is fourth. Very simple. Just skip the symbols that you do not have.

WARNING: If you input the keycards in the wrong order, you’ll lose the floppy discs and have to re-input them with different discs.

With all four keycards, input them into the four slots on the N31l terminal in the Spawn Room in the order you deciphered with the symbol lists. If you input the code correctly, N31l will go ballistic — he’ll start slamming doors and activating traps all over the map.

Step #5: Completing the 4×4 Switch Puzzle

Next up, take the Entangler through the portal to the Shaolin Shuffle area and into the theater. Inside the theater, turn right and look down the hall past the brute standee. In the back of the room, near the lamp, you’ll be able to collect a big red button in your Entangler. Take the button to the Afterlife Arcade and push the physics button into “The Beast From Beyond” poster near the Magic Wheel. Keep trying until it teleports into the poster. Weird!

Now return to the medbay and enter the room that was (previously) blocked by a forcefield. Look under the desks to the left, when entering from the portal hallway, to find that same big red button. Press it, then return to the autopsy room to find a new puzzle on the wall.

This is the 4×4 switch puzzle. There are 16 switches on a bank mounted on the wall. Immediately take a screenshot of the switches. All the levers are either horizontal or vertical, initially. Every time you interact with a switch, the others will change in seemingly random order.

To solve this puzzle, turn all the initially vertical switches from your first screenshot so that they’re horizontal. Many of these will change as you interact with switches, so use your first screenshot as a guide.

If you run into a problem, or miss-turn a single lever, you’ll need to reset and attempt to turn all the initially horizontal switches back to vertical, using your screenshot as a guide. When that’s done, just try again from the start. The puzzle is very simple, but it can be difficult to fix if you use one wrong switch.

Eventually you’ll turn the switches so they all face the same direction and you’ll successfully hack N31l.

Step #6: Steal N31l’s Head & Prepare For Battle

While N31l is hacked, you’re on a tight timer. Quickly sprint to the Spawn Room and use the Entangler to grab N31l’s head from the terminal. Carry it to the exterior portal entrance to the Projector Room and go inside.

  • Drop N31l’s head onto the desk in the Projector Room.

When you drop the robo-head into the portal — everything is ready to go. Pack-a-Punch and Double Pack-a-Punch, use the Magic Wheel, buy all the Perks you need, and generally prepare for the final battle.

Are you ready for the final boss? Enter the Projector Room and everyone in your team will all need to hold interact on N31l’s head to teleport into the boss arena. This is identical to (most) every other Zombies map.

Final Step: Defeat the Boss

Dropping into the cargo bay, you’ll have to fight Cryptid Rhinos that spawn from containers. The ceiling-mounted laser will blast open the cargo bay doors one at a time.

When all the Rhinos are down, you’ll gain access to the rest of the arena with portals that spawn waves of Cryptid Scouts. Keep killing Cryptid Scouts, Blue Cryptids, and Rhinos.

To complete the first phase of the fight, look all around the arena for four (or 1-4) conspicuous terminals with blue / green monitors. You’ll have to activate all of these portals in very quick succession. They don’t have to be activated at the same time, but it has to be pretty close, so coordination with your team is key.

After the terminals are activated, another monitor will appear in the center of the arena that counts down from 100. Survive the last wave of endless cryptids until the timer reaches 0. When that happens, two Blue Cryptid Rhinos will spawn in the arena.

To kill the Blue Cryptid Rhinos, you’ll need to shoot them in the back. Lure them and use trailing friends to shoot them in the back. They’re total bullet-sponges, so it’s going to take a lot of shots to take these guys down. Avoid the blue flames they leave behind — it’s a basic insta-down if you walk in the fire trails.

Kill the Rhinos, and the Easter egg is all over. Enjoy your cutscene! For all of us that just can’t make it to the end, here’s the ending.

This isn’t the REAL ending. There’s more to “The Beast From Beyond”, including a SUPER Easter egg if you play every Infinite Warfare Zombies map in Director’s Cut Mode and complete the talisman quests.

It all leads to an even bigger and badder final boss fight. We’ll dig into those details later, so keep following Gameranx for more Zombies guides.