StarCraft: Remastered – How To Enter Cheats | Cheat Codes List

With enhanced graphics and upgraded audio, StarCraft: Remastered is the only way to enjoy the original space-RTS masterpiece in HD. The gameplay is what really matters, and SC:R is a faithful recreation of everything we loved about StarCraft when it originally released. One little feature I personally loved was the cheat codes — and yes, the cheat codes still work in StarCraft: Remastered.

These cheat codes are totally public, and it isn’t like we’re the only ones with access to them either — but we’re going on a nostalgia trip here. If you don’t remember the codes and need a quick refresher, here’s the full list for the original game and the expansion. Cheating is still super fun in singleplayer.

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Cheat Codes List

To enter cheats, press [Enter], type in the cheat, and press [Enter] again. The following cheats work on all PC or Mac versions of StarCraft and StarCraft: Brood War. Certain cheats are Brood War exclusive, scroll down to the bottom to find those

power overwhelming – God Mode [Toggle]

show me the money – Gives 10,000 Gas & 10,000 Crystal [Repeatable]

operation CWAL – Faster unit / building construction

the gathering – Unlimited energy to all casting units

game over man – Ends the game with a “Game Over” failure.

staying alive – Makes your current game continue forever – no win / lose state. [Toggle]

there is no cow level – Instantly completes your current mission.

whats mine is mine – 500 minerals [Repeatable]

breathe deep – 500 Vespene Gas [Repeatable]

something for nothing – Unlocks all upgrades

black sheep wall – Reveals the map, removes all fog of war

medieval man – All unit upgrades are free

modify the phase variance – All buildings unlocked for construction.

war aint what it used to be – Disables Fog of War

food for thought – Unlocks the unit limit, allowing you to build above max population.

Ophelia – Enter to enable level skipping. Type in the name of the level you want to skip to, and press enter. (Ex. “terran8” or “xterran3” — Use “x” before map name for Brood War campaign levels.)

radio free zerg – Plays the secret Zerg theme song. Only available if you’re playing as the Zerg. [Brood War only.]

The original (non-upgraded) version of StarCraft is still available for free on Blizzard’s official platform. Download the installer right here. It’s required before purchasing StarCraft: Remastered.

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