Splatoon 2: How To Beat Octo Oven | Boss Guide

Having some trouble with a boss in Splatoon 2? The campaign in the sequel to the much beloved Splatoon video game has brought in a variety of bosses to take on throughout your journey. While it’s always great going in and taking down a boss in the dark, sometimes it really helps to have some insight before the battle begins.

Likewise, there’s a chance you may have been struggling with a particular boss and would like to know the ins and outs of taking it down. Whatever the case may be, here is our guide on how to take down the Splatoon 2 boss, Octo Oven.

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When it comes to Octo Oven, players only have to hit the boss three times, but you will be required to dodge and make quick footwork to get a swing at the boss. Likewise, there are three stages to this battle which will progressively increase difficulty each time you take a hit at the Octo Oven.

Part 1

The first part will be the easiest to handle. All you have to do is avoid the loaves of bread Octo Oven will throw at you. When they start to build up, you can ink them and climb up to reach the top of the tentacle which will be the section of the boss you need to hit in order for it to cause damage.

Part 2

After your first hit, you’ll find yourself back at the bottom dodging ink walls and loaves of bread, though there will be fewer loaves tossed out against the player this time. Your same strategy applies, avoid being hit and ink the loaves of bread to make your way up and attack the tentacle once again.

Part 3

This will be the last section of the battle and again, you’ll find the same strategy will apply. Simply avoid being hit with the added ink showers attack being introduced by the Octo Oven. Make your way up to the top and strike Octo Oven once again to deal the finishing hit.

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