Cave Story: How To Beat Every Boss | Boss Guide


  • HP: 600
  • Weapon: Blade, Polar Star, Missile Launcher

The Core is a giant green orb with several blue eyes which players will face against within the Core room. Once again, Curly is knocked out leaving the fight completely up to you for a period of time. There’s also quite a bit going on with this fight so prepare to make some quick dodges and jumps.

Overall, the main aspect of this fight is to fire at the Core when it’s open. The smaller orbs that surround it can’t be destroyed, but firing at them will give them a slight push back.

Most of the projectiles fired out from the Core are easy to avoid and destroy, though it’s the white energy attacks which are used when the Core is low in health. Dodge them and continue the fight with anything you can fire into the Core.

There’s also the constant flooding of the level and wind guests. It’s best to focus on reaching the higher ground when possible. Also as mentioned, during the fight, Curly will regain consciousness and help out when possible, though you’ll end up doing most of the fight yourself.


  • HP: 400
  • Weapon: Blade

Ironhead is a boss fought within the Waterway, though interestingly enough the boss is actually a cameo appearance from a past video game called Ikachan.

This battle itself is nothing too complicated as you can make quick work of defeating the enemies with your Blade alone. During the fight, a flock of puffer fish will be swimming from right to left. When they reach the right side of the screen they will be puffed up, you’ll need to wait until they swim towards the left side which is when they’ll be vulnerable.

Likewise, Ironhead will swim out from time-to-time and like the puffer fish, you can hit him with the Blade to slowly lower his health. Be mindful of the left side of the screen as if you’re too close, Ironhead will be able to attack you.


  • HP: 500
  • Weapon: Blade

The Sisters are an optional boss battle, much like your first boss fight in the video game against Balrog. Overall, it depends on if you don’t exit the Egg Observation Room after a brief amount of time. Staying too long will trigger all the doors to be shut and this is when you’ll have to fight two dragons.

When the battle starts, two dragons will be circling clockwise where they will open and close their mouths. You must attack them when their mouths are open, likewise, when they are hit they will show a different expression, players can also lower their HP when they are in their hurt expression.

After so long, the dragons will shoot fireballs and change direction. Avoid being hit when possible and continue on with the fight. It’s worth noting that after the dragons are low in health, they will keep their mouths open and continue to shoot fireballs. It’s best to continue firing them with just about anything until they are defeated.

Ma Pignon

  • HP: 300
  • Weapon: Polar Star

Ma Pignon is a small blue mushroom that is believed to give back memories to those who obtain it. Our protagonist will face against it in the storage room of the cemetery. Overall the fight is easy when players are out of reach of the Ma Pignon.

The little mushroom will jump around where he will eventually turn white. When he is white, the mushroom will become invincible. It’s at this stage that he will hit the wall causing rocks to fall or jumps up causing identical mushrooms to fall down.

Avoid the rocks and obliterate the mushrooms until you eventually lower Ma Pignon’s health completely.

Red Demon

  • HP: 300
  • Weapon: Nemesis

After hearing about Arthur’s fight against the Red Demon, players will eventually battle him within the Hidden Last Cave, just as long as you have the improved Booster.

It will take five Spur shots to kill off the Red Demon and his attacks are similar to Droll. He will throw three spinning blades periodically. Use the Booster to avoid the blades and if possible, fire five full Spur shots to take him down quickly.