Cave Story: How To Beat Every Boss | Boss Guide

Cave Story has been one popular indie title that has made its way on a number of different platforms. Players will find themselves in a mystical dark cave as they attempt to regain their memory all the while fighting off a number of enemies and forces after a peculiar object locked away this land.

Recently, Cave Story has launched on the Nintendo Switch so if this is your first time playing through the game on the Nintendo Switch, or any other platforms the title has launched on, here’s a quick guide rundown on how to defeat every boss within the game.

Table of Contents
  • Page 1Balrog, Igor, Balrog, Balfrog, Curly
  • Page 2Omega, Frenzied Toroko, Pooh Black, Monster X, Balrog
  • Page 3The Core, Ironhead, The Sisters, Ma Pignon, The Red Demon
  • Page 4Misery, The Doctor, The Doctor, Undead Core, Heavy Press, Ballos