Yooka-Laylee: Pirate Treasures Guide | All 5 Crystal Skull Locations

Get all the hidden booty in Yooka-Laylee with this complete list of easy-to-miss pirate treasure. These Crystal Skulls, one per world, are pretty tricky to find if you don’t already know where to look. Follow our handy treasure map instructions below, and we’ll explain how many paces it takes to get all five.

There are five hidden pirate treasures in Yooka-Layla, one per Grand Tome world. For finding 1, 3, and 5 chests, you’ll earn an achievement / trophy.

Before exploring the worlds and looking for treasure chests, you’ll need to unlock all five Grand Tomes and earn the flying buddy ability. When you can fly, you’ll be able to fully explore all five levels fully. It’s pretty important — most of these skulls can’t be collected until you can start flying.

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Pirate Treasures Guide

[NOTE: While not always required, it helps to expand each world. Make sure to expand them all before attempting to find the skulls.]

Tribalstack Tropics:

Go to the tall temple on the left-ish path and fly around to the back (the side facing the infinite sky) to find a previously impossible-to-reach hole.

The alcove contains the crystal pirate skull.

Glitterglaze Glacier:

Go to the large lake in the middle of the glacier area and swim toward the columns. Under the shore, there’s a large open doorway that connects to the Gloomy Gem Grotto.

Circle through the area to open the shortcut door, or just move through the door to the left from the entrance and fly through the passage. It’s extremely dark here, so stick to the left wall as you fly. You’ll pass by a column of stone with a rock platform containing the second treasure item.


Moodymaze Marsh:

From the start of the world, start flying straight forward (and slightly right) to the metal tower. On top of the tower, there are two chimneys — jump into the taller of the two chimneys to find the pirate treasure.

Capital Cashino:

This one is tricky — it’s actually really simple, too! Right at the start of the level, turn around and look up at the single light attached to the wall directly above the tome.

Fly up onto the light to get this pirate treasure.

Galleon Galaxy:

Fly to the far back-left corner of the world from the entrance to reach the asteroid with the ramp leading up inside. You’ll need to expand the world to access this part of the map.

Find a honeycomb to get sticky and climb up into the Velocity Terminal area. Go through the first door on the right, then continue to fly right to get a view of two large sphere-shaped rooms.

The pirate treasure is on the second (last) sphere rooftop down this path.

For finding all the pirate skulls, you’ll earn the “Pirate’s Cache” achievement / trophy, and feel the hardy warmth of a job well done.