Halo 5 Classic Helmet DLC Launches Today

Get all nine for 10$

Feeling nostalgic? Pick up nine classic Halo helmets in Halo 5 for 10$ or 150,000 RP

Released by developer 343 Industries the Classic Helmet Req Pack, features different helmets worn by Master Chief and others throughout Halo’s history.

Unfortunately, the DLC doesn’t appear available to buy just yet, but it should be up and running sometime today on the games Req Store.

Check out all the helmets in the image below:


Classic Helmet Req Pack

  • Mark V Delta (Legendary)
  • Military Police (Ultra Rare)
  • Recon Gen 1 (Ultra Rare)
  • EVA Gen 1 (Ultra Rare)
  • Security Gen 1 (Rare)
  • Operator Gen 1 (Rare)
  • EOD (Rare)
  • CQB (Rare)
  • Pilot (Rare)