Grand Theft Auto V Fan-Made Maps

It might be GTA, but the 10 is still a mess.

The excitement for Grand Theft Auto V is growing exponentially each day, hurtling us toward an impossible amount of expectation that can only end in tragedy. However, until that day arrives, we can revel in the fan-based hype surrounding the upcoming GTA title. On GTA Forums, Andover1 has given the community something really special that might keep us entertained until GTAV lands in stores.

Now, obviously these maps aren't completely accurate – up until this point, most of the cities in GTA have been islands. Andover1 has taken locations in the GTA universe and applied them to a real world map, which is still completely amazing. Click on the thumbnails below for the full-sized images.

Andover1 mentioned in the thread that it took him around three months "on and off" to complete and simply represents a wishful attitude for the future of the Grand Theft Auto franchise. While you wait for the official release date to drop, feel free to share his optimism.