No Man’s Sky Is Now One of the Lowest Rated Games on Steam

Most reviews in the last 30 days were classed as “Overwhelmingly Negative.”


Well, it looks like No Man’s Sky has really dropped the ball when it comes to keeping players interested in the game.

The game first saw one of the sharpest declines in player number Steam had seen in a long while, and even managed to garner some attention of a consumer protection agency in the UK after a significant number of people complained about false advertisement concerning what was promised during the hype.

Now, it seems like that trend of lows is continuing, with the game seeing one of the lowest user ratings on Steam in recent memory. Yes, you heard right. It’s hard to remember a game that was as poorly received as this one.

A Reddit user has recently noted that the game has a “mostly negative” overall rating, based on 71,366 user reviews. The 5,509 recent reviews tell the tale of an “overwhelmingly negative” response.

Steam’s own data has cited that only 12% of the reviews that were submitted in the last 30 days are positive. This leaves No Man’s Sky with a paltry 32% positive rating overall.

Developer Hello Games and creator Sean Murray both have yet to comment on this situation.