Activision Tried to “Dig up Dirt” on Former Employees

Documents regarding the Activision VS. Infinity Ward case have surfaced.

The Infinity Ward VS. Activision case is heating up once again days away from their actual court date. Infinity Ward is suing Activision for a huge sum of money, a bit over 600 million dollars when you add the compensatory damages and the punitive damages being asked for. Two ex-Infinity Ward founders, Vince Zampella and Jason West finally was able to bring Activision to court to settle this dispute but Activision delayed and so the court date was set to May 29th instead of the original May 7th. Activision was trying to delay the court date again by 30 days to get their new lawyer up to speed but this was denied.

Summaries aside, the real news here is that documents were released that show Activision was playing dirty against Zampella and West back in 2009. Apparently Thomas Fenady, a guy in charge of maintaining computer systems for another major corporation, was hired to “dig up dirt”, so to speak, on West and Zampella. Fenady testified that Activision’s lawyer hired him to do said digging and not get caught in the act so that Activision had a reason to fire both West and Zampella. Fenady tried jumping through hoops to get this done but was not successful in obtaining said dirt, or let alone getting into Zampella’s or West’s accounts.

Activision is already under fire from Anonymous, this new evidence and the upcoming court battle combined with the attack could possibly cripple the company’s image. Gameranx will keep you all up to date on the court battle as information comes in.

Check out the legal document here: Thomas Fenady Testimony

Source: Kotaku