Riders of Icarus Gets A New Adversaries Trailer

Trolls, Titans, Knights and Vampires.


Riders Of Icarus just received a fourth¬†trailer showcasing some of the rivalries in the game’s world. The free-to-play MMORPG is set to release on July 6 and this trailer is only getting us more excited for the release.

The game is developed by Nexon America (Ghost in the Shell: First Assault, Maple Story, Fantasy Life Mabinogi) ¬†along with the Seoul based Korean developer WeMade ( The Legend of Mir 2, Legend of Mir 3). It is fair to say that the two studios have a proven record of releasing quality MMO’s. I’m mainly interested in the rides and the taming system being advertised on the game’s trailers. The idea that you could tame and capture a wide variation of creatures and use them as rides always fascinated me, and it’s much more rewarding than just buying one from some NPC.

The latest trailer shows a few boss enemies in the game, the Master of Vampires, an Ice Troll, a cursed knight with magical ice abilities, and a huge titan that can only be fought with flying mounts. We are not sure if anyone will ever be able to solo any of these characters, and I also don’t know how to spell any of their names, so, don’t ask me. You can watch the trailer below and check how they look in action.

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