The Last Guardian Finally Gets A Release Date

After a long wait, we get to see more of the game, and a release date.


We finally got to see more from The Last Guardian. The game was announced 9 years ago and was supposed to be released back in 2011. A lot of us actually gave up on ever seeing the little kid with his giant furry friend running around and solving puzzles, but here it is. It’s a whole console generation late but it looks as amazing as we all expected from such a talented team.

The trailer shows the little boy trying to escape what seems to be the ruins of a large castle and meeting with the large feathered quadruped Trico. One scene in the trailer shows Trico with a metal collar around its neck which leads us to assume that the giant cat-like creature was also a prisoner there. We also got to see Trico facing off against another similar looking creature. We also see a touching scene where the kid is trying to comfort Trico while it lays down in pain. I think we will see these two build quite a strong connection throughout the game.

The game is developed by genDESIGN and SIE Japan Studio and directed by Fumito Ueda. It should be released on October 25, 2016 on the PS4. Hopefully we won’t have many more delays this time.