Days Gone Announced, Is It Just Another Game With Zombies?


It’s always nice to see new IPs announced in E3 rather than pushing one more installment or an HD-remake of an older title. Bend Studio, the guys behind Uncharted: Golden Abyss of the PS Vita, treated us this year with the brand new open-world action/adventure game: Days Gone.

You play as a Deacon St. John, a Drifter and a bounty hunter as he rides around high-desert of the American Pacific Northwest. The game takes place two years after a zombie apocalypse took place, this time they’re called Freaks and they come in two types: Newts are the infected kids and they are the stealthy type. They’ll hide in shadows and try to hit and run. The other type is the Horde, which is made up of hundreds of individual Freaks where they hunt, run, eat and attack all as one. I am not sure if they will have some sort of a hive mind that combines them or they just like to swarm in large numbers.


The trailer shows parts of the world of Days Gone with Deacon monologuing about the.. well.. the days gone. He tells the story of how it all started, mass death, humanity surviving in well-protected camps, and then a love interest shows up in the trailer. We don’t know if you’ll be looking for her during the game or if she’s already gone.

To be honest, it’s hard for me to be interested in yet another zombie apocalypse game, even if they decide to call them Freaks. Days Gone looks like a decent title so far and I will look forward to learning any more details. I can’t say that I’m overwhelmed or excited tho.

Days Gone is developed by bend Studios exclusively for the PS4. No release date was announced yet.