Titanfall’s Next Update Adding Titan Customization, New Burn Cards, and Game Mode

Marked for Death is the name of the new mode which is coming to Titanfall this month.

EA has issued a press release detailing the publisher's E3 plans and have confirmed that details of Titanfall's June update will be revealed at the annual convention next week. 

There's no exact release date for the update but it will include titan customization, titan burn cards, and Marked for Death game mode among other features.

Here's the exact quote from the press release:

"The team from Respawn Entertainment will be showcasing the upcoming June title update for Titanfall that will introduce titan customization, titan burn cards and a new game mode, Marked for Death."

We'll keep you informed of any and all Titanfall news to emerge from E3. 

EA has confirmed that aside from "new Titanfall experiences," six new games including titles by Criterion and BioWare will be shown during their press conference. Dragon Age: Inquisition, Mirror's Edge, Battlefront Hardline, and Star Wars Battlefront are all known titles which will be shown.

Yesterday, EA announced that the first full trailer for FIFA 15 will also be shown next week .