Xbox One Launch Issues and Fixes

Some early adapters are reporting technical issues with their new consoles.

The Xbox One launched last night and as is to be expected from any major hardware launch some users have been experiencing problems with their consoles. 

Some of the most common issues being reported are:

  1. The disc drive not reading game or emits an extremely loud noise. This appears to be the most common issue. The Xbox One is designed to lie horizontally and placing it vertically can damage the disc drive – if you're affected, make sure your system is in the correct position.
  2. Hanging load screen – After the mandatory day one update some users are reporting seeing a frozen screen bearing the Xbox logo. It's important that you do not turn off your console as it is working during this period. In some cases the problem seems to resolve itself though it can take some time to do so.
  3. Some players are reporting being banned from their console after downloading the update. Many of those affected have also experienced the hanging load screen.
  4. Slow installations – If you are experiencing a slow disc based installation, do not remove disc from console without stopping the install first. After stopping the install remove the disc and and completely unplug the console before waiting 15 minutes before trying again.

Trying to install two things at once is not advisable and will slow down your progress considerably. 

While every Xbox One comes bundled with Kinect it seems some users have defective sensors and cannot use motion or voice commands. At the moment there does not seem to be any solution to this problem and your best bet is likely to contact Xbox customer support for your region. 

It's also very important that you leave your console well ventilated – do not cover the vents with anything, including the Kinect sensor. 

Some users are also reporting that their controller disconnects for a few seconds – again, there does not currently seem to be a fix for this problem. 

Last week, Sony launched the PlayStation 4 and that too has had a number of technical problems which are believed to affect less than one per cent of users. It's currently unclear how many Xbox One owners are experiencing problems. 

Some Xbox One games are also experiencing problems with EA currently working on a patch for FIFA 14