Call of Duty Ghosts: What’s The Fastest Way To Earn Squad Points?

Players weigh in with their experience, and surprise, it’s not in multiplayer.

What do you think is the fastest way to earn squad points in Call of Duty Ghosts? Players weigh in on Reddit, and we share some of the more interesting responses below.

The OP brings the question up, as they see experimentation ongoing between players. Some try to maximize the number of squad members they have, and rank them up through levels 1 to 10. Others stick to one squar member and try to do all the operations challenges.

Most players seems to concur that the latter is working best for them. One player is at level 29 and has already earned 120 squad points. Another player attests to earning 30 squad points after just 5 operations.

One player suggests a particular strategy: you want to get to level 30 as soon as you can, because at that point you earn 1 to 10 squad points per game. If you’re still earning your way to get there, you will want to complete 5 operations to get the four squad points bonus, and complete field orders in squads mode. Squads mode offers more opportunities to earn points than multiplayer thanks to all the field orders.

Ultimately, as noted in another thread, there will be a point where you will have sufficient squad points for a loadout, and you will simply stop spending them. Once you get there, the squad points will start accumulating fast while you play furiously.

So, just to round it up:

1.       Stick to one character.

2.       Do as much as five operations for the 4 point bonus.

3.       Do the field orders in squads mode. 

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Source: Reddit