Quantic Dream Brings Along Tech Demo to E3

"Dark Sorcerer" is almost too realistic for the demo.

In what was not necessarily a game announcement, but was still memorable nonetheless, Quantic Dream showcased a tech demo of the technology they teased at the PlayStation 4 reveal back in February.

The tech demo was running in real time on PS4.

If you were unconvinced by the sheer number of emotions a video game character can emote, then you clearly have no idea what Quantic Dream is capable of.

The studio behind Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls  has stated that they will also be developing a game for the PlayStation 4. This can serve as a sneak peek.

Sadly, the studio only showed a little bit of the demo. Tomorrow at 1pm, they'll be showcasing the full demo at the PlayStation booth. You can watch on the live stream at PlayStation.com and Youtube.