Pokemon X and Y: More New Rumors and Confirmed Pokemon Surface

A host of new information regarding the next generation of Pokemon games has hit the web.

Pokemon is quite possibly one of the most pervasive game series ever created. It's a game for all ages as it accomodates casual players like myself by letting me visit a world I love and the more hardcore audience who want to train their Pokemon to greatness with the use of effort values and the like.

As I'm sure most of you reading this know, Pokemon X and Y will be hitting store shelves soon. With that said, it goes without saying that the hype train is full steam ahead. While rumors concerning the new Pokemon games rise up on an almost daily basis, we've picked out some of the best ones for you to pore over.

The first set of these rumors aren't so much rumors anymore, as many of them have been confirmed:

  • It's been confirmed that the game will take place in "France," though the Pokemon name for this is the "Karos Region."
  • The male and female art for the games' protagonists has been revealed and confirmed, even if they are still nameless.
  • The two protagonists, as you can see, are wearing an odd device on their wrists – Pokegears?
  • Miare City is pictured alongside the female protagonist.
  • The female protagonist is shown riding a goat Pokemon known as GoGoat; it's said this ability is only available to players while inside Miare city.
  • The bottom right pictures a pre-battle picture, which we believe to be a rival for the player to engage.

Furthermore, if you zoom in on the right side of the page, you'll see that the rumors regarding character customization are indeed true. While this example is fairly rudimentary, it still confirms a feature that many Pokemon fans have been waiting for a long time.

In the below picture there are four new Pokemon shown. While new Pokemon reveals have been somewhat plentiful in the past couple of weeks, this is no less interesting as it highlights some really cool Pokemon.

  • The goat is called GoGoat, and is a Grass type. According to rumors thus far, it's been revealed that players will be allowed to ride this Pokemon within the limits of Miare City.
  • The lizard-looking dog Pokemon is named Elikiteru, and is an Electric/Normal type.
  • The bird Pokemon is called Yayakoma, and is a Normal/Flying type; rumors indicate that this Pokemon will be able to learn fire moves and may feature a fire evolution.
  • Finally, the panda's name is Yancham, and is a fighting type.
  • All of these Pokemon will feature unique moves: GoGoat learns Horn Leech, Elikiteru learns Parabola Charge, Yayakoma learns Flame Charge and Yancham learns Parting Remark.