Rockstar Releases New Grand Theft Auto V Characters Trailer

Game set to launch this September.

Today Grand Theft Auto V received a new trailer from Rockstar highlighting the main characters of the incredibly popular franchise's next entry which you can see below.

The trailer begins with Michael and informs us that he wants to be a good dad and "live the dream", all is not well however with Michael embroiled in what appears to be a domestic dispute. There's also "mid-life crises [email protected]#t" and someone in the family appears to be sleeping around, something Michael is none too happy about. 

However, Michael then reveals to his therapist that he also wants the chaos that comes with being a criminal and the trailer shows him hijacking a money van, breaking into a vault and smashing into a skyscraper from a helicopter among other escapades.

Franklin meanwhile is a decidedly different kind of criminal being a "gangbanger" from a rough neighbourhood. His portion of the trailer showcases high speed police chases and strip clubs. 

Finally, Trevor seems to spend most of his time in the trailer punching people and hanging out in dirty motels as well as throwing people out of cars and helicopters. Apparently Franklin also sees a shrink. 

Michael, Franklin and Trevor will be the game's three protagonists. A number of side characters have also been unearthed.

Grand Theft Auto V was announced in October of last year and is set to be released on September 17th on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. PC and next generation console releases have not yet been announced. As always, Take Two are publishing the game which will almost certainly be one of the biggest titles this year.