GTA 5 New Character and Voice Actor Uncovered

gta 5

The ever vigilant Grand Theft Auto V fans are at it again, digging up every small piece of information that's available for the quarrying. The latest of these findings have uncovered a new voice actor and character for the upcoming game.

Jeff Wincott, a TV actor according to his IMDB page, will be playing the role of Casey. Little is known about this Casey character apart from his presence among the GTA V cast. Jeff Wincott has yet to disclose any further details about his character apart from merely confirming it on his Facebook page.

The confirmed characters so far include the three lead characters Michael, a retired bank robber; Trevor Philips, a criminal and former military pilot; Franklin, a repo man. Other identified characters include Amanda (Michael's Wife), Tracy (Michael's Daughter), Jimmy (Michael's lazy son), Lamar (Franklin's stereotypical crazy black friend), Chop (Franklin's dog), Ron (Trevor's best friend), Brad (Trevor's prison friend), Preacher (you get the idea) and the recently uncovered Casey.

Apart from these characters, the GTA V cast is expected to see the inclusion of disc jockeys and talk show hosts on the game's radio stations. Earlier this weekend, a fan-made terrain map created using in-game screenshots had surfaced which shows the effort some fans are willing to put to keep each other entertained and hyped up for the game.

Grand Theft Auto V has been confirmed for a mid-September release on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.