GTA 5 Live Action Advertisement Still Photos Leaked from Set

Images have leaked out of the set of a live-action Grand Theft Auto 5 live-action ad that looks a lot like the GTA 2 intro.

gta 5

Rockstar Games is preparing a live action commercial of their upcoming game, Grand Theft Auto 5. Images from the set leaked out onto the net via Reddit this past weekend, showing the aftermath of a race scene in which crashed cars litter the streets.

Granted, the fact that they're recording it publicly means that the studio has no ability whatsoever to prevent people from taking photographs of their work-in-progress and their efforts to bring action from the game to the small (or even big) screen as an advertisement.

According to leakers, the filming took place in some part of Mexico—presumably Mexico City.

Given the skepticism that some of our readers may express for the images, we urge you to take a look at the following image, in which a logo for GTA V can clearly be seen on a billboard in the background of the set.

The guy who took the photos, marcodj, posted a brief description of the ad's script and how it's supposed to play out on the screen: He wrote: "The guy in the suit of the last photo exits the totaled car while talking to the camera, as he makes his way out, the car explodes and he walks by the car under the trees while some other effects are set behind him (I managed to see these in a monitor) The shooting took place on Saturday April 20th and lasted until late Sunday."

He says that the staff on the shoot were very open about people walking by and taking pictures, and that they even offered him and others to sit by the monitors and watch the end result of the recording. "They even offered some coffee," he wrote.

It's hard to say when Rockstar will publish the ad, but it'll have to go through a process of post-production before it makes it anywhere on TV.