‘Declassified’ Sale Starts on EU PSN Today

Many shooters are discounted for the next two weeks.

Sony has announced on its blog that a new sale begins today on the EU PlayStation Store. They're calling it the “Declassified” sale, and Jawad Ashraf – from the PlayStation Store team – has a corny introduction for you:

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to carefully analyse the goods below and take advantage of their “weakened” state. All prices will drop on 10th April 2013 – you only have until 24th April 2013 before recovery takes place. Keep in mind that if you happen to be equipped with a PS Plus subscription then you’ll benefit from a further 10% reduction on all titles.

Finally, avoid being seen with an empty wallet balance!

The attempt at bravado-style language is apparently necessary because of the types of games that are on offer. Essentially, if you like shooters then you're covered. You've got Aliens: Colonial Marines, all three Crysis games, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, a bunch of Hitman games including the newest, Men in Black: Alien Crisis, Metal Slug 1 and 2, and a load of games with the name “Tom Clancy” on them.

Probably the most notable titles on offer are Aliens: Colonial Marines (if you like disappointment) for €29.99/£19.99 down from €59.99/£49.99, Crysis 3 for €39.99/£29.99 down from a ridiculous €69.99/£59.99 (though I'm pretty sure even that substantial discount doesn't make it as cheap as it would be to buy a physical copy elsewhere), and Hitman Absolution for €23.99/£19.69 down from €59.99/£49.99. All games are an extra 10% cheaper for PlayStation Plus members, and Hitman Absolution will actually be free for PlayStation Plus members as of May 1.

The sale is due to end on April 24. Does anything on the list take your fancy?