Black Ops 2 Prestige Cards Added, Treyarch Says No Future Gun DLC

black ops 2

Treyarch has put out a new set of visual treats for players of Black Ops 2 ahead of the release of the Uprising DLC, which is set to drop on the 16th this month.

You don't need the Uprising DLC to unlock these new Prestige calling cards as they're available to everyone who accomplishes a Prestige. They are all automatically available as a part of the game's latest update.

black ops 2 prestige calling cards

It's unfortunate that none of the new Prestige cards are animated, and that they've only been released just now considering how long the game's been out for.

Beyond the new Prestige calling cards, Treyarch has said today that it does not intend to release any more gun DLC for Black Ops 2, presumably to maintain the game's balance. The first and only gun DLC was the Peacekeeper, which was released as a part of the Revolution DLC. The upcoming expansion Uprising will not come with any gun DLC.

Here's the word from the horse's mouth itself: