Tearaway from Media Molecule Gets a Release Date

This game could give the Vita a boost, but not until much later this year.

Today on its blog, Sony has finally announced the release date for the new game from LittleBigPlanet creators Media Molecule: Tearaway. The paper-craft game is due to hit shelves and the PSN on October 22, only for PlayStation Vita.

Tearaway will use the various features of the handheld it calls home to provide an experience Media Molecule says it thinks is “unlike anything you've played before”. You'll be able to use the touch screen to “reach in” to the game world, poking holes in it and seeing your fingertips appear on the screen. You'll use the camera to take photos of patterns in the real world that can then be used in the game. And when community manager James Spafford says you'll be able to “literally breathe new life into this papercraft land”, we presume he means you'll use the microphone.

A video in the blog post features lead designer Rex Crowle talking about creating the papery world. It has a fair few nuggets of information (like that the idea for a paper-based game came when the team were writing ideas on pieces of paper that they'd then ball up and throw across the room) and clips of in-game footage, so it's worth a watch if you're interested in the game.

The game has two playable characters, essentially male and female versions of the same paper protagonist: Iota (male) or Atoi (female). The retail version of the game will come with a reversible cover so you can choose whether to have Atoi or Iota on the front of your box. Who will you choose?