Andrew Busey Led Team Chaos Release New iOS Collectible Card Game, Elements: Broken Lands


Andrew Busey's recently founded Team Chaos have paired up with Chaotic Moon Studios to release a new, high quality free to play collectible card game named Elements: Broken Lands (EBL). Developed for all things iOS 4.0 and up, EBL aims to offer a diverse mixture of questing, player versus player (PVP) combat, as well as that solid core of collectability present in all good CCGs. 

Set in the world of Arastia, players will be able explore over a dozen different continents containing "hundreds of unique battles and maps" with more than 400 cards up for grabs. Players will progress through a "deep leveling system", whilst the PVP ladder matches aim to set players up against those of a similar skill level. 

Players take the role of an elemental wizard guided by the Goddess Isiria and will be attempting to undo the corruption that haunts the post-cataclysm broken lands of Arastia. In so doing they will encounter many of the usual mechanics of free to play CCGs, including 'energy', in app purchases ranging from $0.99 to $99.99, a player driven marketplace, and card evolution. 

Commenting on the rise of mobile CCGs, Busey noted that it had been "incredible" and that the advancements in mobile technology had "allowed us to build a visually stunning game that is both accessible and deeply strategic". 

If CCGs are your thing, Elements: Broken Lands has launched on iTunes today, or you can check it out over at Team Chaos' website.

Elements: Broken Lands is not the only high quality CCG to be announced recently; Blizzard announced HearthStone: Heroes of Warcraft for PC, Mac, and iPad.