Atari Pauses Ataribox Indiegogo Launch; Delays Pre-Orders for Reasons Unknown

Empty promises? Atari says more time is required to “create the platform and ecosystem the Atari community deserves”.

Atari’s plans to launch an indiegogo campaign for the Ataribox have come to an unexpected halt. In a recently distributed email, the company explained that the proposed crowdfunding crusade, originally expected to launch onĀ December 14, would be “officially paused”. As a result, pre-orders are no longer possible.

The reason behind the delay apparently boils down to “one key element” on Atari’s checklist. At this stage, there is no word on a precise date for a relaunched campaign, although Atari has assured potential backers that an “updated launch plan is currently underway”.

Atari announced its comeback in June with the timely reveal of the Ataribox, a new home console that ticks all the boxes of the current retrogaming bonanza. Pre-loaded with classic Atari games, it distinguished itself from a pure emulation system by running on a Linux operating system and offering compatibility with most PC games.

General manager and overseer of the project Feargal Mac previously outlined a 2018 release schedule for the Ataribox. However, given the delay of the indiegogo campaign, it looks like Atari’s retro renaissance is up in the air.