Can Atari Bounce Back With the Ataribox?

If the recent efforts of Nintendo and Sony prove anything, it’s that the beacon of nostalgia can endure years of darkness. The resurrection of the Nintendo Entertainment System and franchises like Crash Bandicoot and Jak and Daxter translated to massive sales and chart-topping success. More recently, Nintendo announced its Nintendo Direct program, which brings back arcade classics from the eighties reborn for Nintendo Switch.

So it makes sense that in 2017, Atari’s Feargal Mac is teasing the public with a new Atari console. The upcoming ‘Ataribox‘ is as much a tribute to the original Atari as it is to the modern era. It’s launching with classic Atari games, yet it’ll be able to run games like Minecraft. Running on a Linux operating system, it will support most PC games, and allow users to surf the web, stream and use apps—not unlike PS4 and XB1.

Home console release schedule:

  • Nintendo Wii U – 2012
  • Xbox One – 2013
  • PlayStation 4 – 2013
  • PlayStation 4 Pro – 2016
  • Nintendo Switch -2017
  • Xbox One X – 2017
  • Ataribox – 2018

Mac says he was inspired to come up with the Ataribox when he saw kids connecting their laptops to televisions in order to play Minecraft. The Ataribox could bridge that gap. After attracting significant interest, Mac reveals the company decided to launch an Indiegogo campaign this fall, which will provide better crowdfunding support for hardware and “involve as many Atari fans around the world as possible”.  The final price point for the Ataribox will hover between $250 and $300—almost identical to the launch price of Nintendo Switch.

Those keen for the latest snaps of the Ataribox can follow the official Instagram page. Ataribox is expected to launch in spring 2018.

Via VentureBeat