Ataribox Opens Pre-Orders December 14th

Personally, when I heard that Atari was to release a brand new console and that it was going to be partly crowdfunded, I was highly skeptical that this project was ever going to happen, especially considering how the OUYA went down a couple years back – now it seems that this idea is actually happening, Atari will open pre-orders for the Ataribox December 14th.

Prices vary between $250 and $300 depending on the model you choose, and will only be available digitally via the indiegogo campaign page, a retail release hasn’t been planned, but I’m sure we can expect one if this project actually makes it off the ground.

Specifically speaking the console is basically just a custom Linux PC with a new interface and sleek exterior reminiscent of the classic Atari 2600. Considering how well the Steam box performed, the price $300, and that the specifics aren’t really worth the price (you could custom build a PC with better features tbh.) I’m not too sure what’s keeping gamers from purchasing a Switch, Xbox One or PS4 instead of this console.

Interested in trying out the Ataribox? Check out the indiegogo page, here.