Resident Evil Revelations HD Compared To The 3DS Original

And it’s honestly hard to tell the two apart.

Time once again to see how an upcoming port compares to the original iteration. But unlike our most recent head to head, which saw a handheld port being stacked up against its console driven predecessor, it's a total 180.

Let's see how a 3DS game fares when it’s blown up to fill a 360's canvas. The center of it all is Resident Evil Revelations HD. The following is courtesy of Spanish fan site ninten2…

And as you can, they're awfully close. The 360 version has finer details, not surprisingly, but if there's any advantage that the 3DS original enjoys, it's how it's the more colorful of the two.

Though, more than anything, the above illustrates how beautiful looking and well put together the source material was. On the other hand, the port looks great on its own and is definitely not being lazily phoned in, thank goodness.

Resident Evil Revelations HD is due in May.