Retro City Rampage Finally Arrives On WiiWare, Brings ROM City Rampage With It

Better late than never!

Retro City Rampage has been out for some time now, and on a variety of platforms: PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, Xbox 360, and PC. But it's the WiiWare version that many have been waiting for this entire time.

After-all, the game pays homage to old NES games, which has always been a primary forte of the Wii. Plus it was one of the very first platforms announced when development commenced quite some time ago.

Well, those who have been patient are being thusly rewarded. Later today, Retro City Rampage will make its long awaited debut on the Wii Shop Channel. But along for the ride is a fairly significant extra.

In addition to the game itself, which is being offered for just ten dollars, as opposed to the fifteen bucks that was asked elsewhere (but which is still a bargain price, regardless), it also includes something called ROM City Rampage:

Initially it was assumed (and also reported elsewhere) that this was the original Retro City Rampage prototype. For those who aren't familiar with the game's history, it began it's life as Grand Theftendo. As the name implies, it was a parody of Grand Theft Auto (GTA3 to be exact) for the NES.

Grand Theftendo would become the basis of Retro City Rampage, which over the years, grew into a totally different kind of animal. One that would not have been possible if it was originally developed for the NES. 

Instead, ROM City Rampage is essentially a demake. As the video details, it's Retro City Rampage retrofitted to work if on actual Nintendo hardware. Granted, it's still running on a Wii, but it's as close to the original NES as one can get without the real thing.

ROM City Rampage is also coming to PC owners of the Retro City Rampage, in the form of a Steam update. It's a safe bet that this was be the version that diehard fans of the games will dissect, in hopes of putting that information on an actual NES cartridge, for the most authentic experience possible.