Resident Evil: Revelations HD Is Happening Because Of The Fans

You see, Capcom DOES listen to the people who buy their games.

The upcoming (and aforementioned) port of Resident Evil: Revelations, once a 3DS exclusive, now headed for the Wii U, PC, PS3, and Xbox 360, is due entirely due to fan feedback, reports Joystiq.

When speaking with Tsukasa Takenaka, who is the producer for the HD re-release, and was also involved in the original, explains how it is the result of two different segments of people. Those who wanted to experience the game on a larger screen and those who simply wanted to play yet lacked a 3DS.

Given how much flack Capcom has gotten in recent years, to them turning a dead ear to some of their most loyal customers… primarily those who love Mega Man… this is not only surprising news, but encouraging news as well. Hopefully the publisher will listen even closer to what the people who help pay their bills has to say.

Takenaka also explains the process in bringing a game that was originally designed for a handheld to a home console. In this instance, it’s not easy:

"When we worked on the 3DS version, we were completely targeting the 3DS. We didn't start in HD, scale down, and now we're scaling up – we worked to the exact 3DS specs…

The models have been almost completely redone, the lighting filters, those kind of effects that consoles can do, has been redone from scratch and it's definitely something where we've made the game into something that's a whole new version for consoles."

There have speculated that one possible reason for the port is due to perceptions that it sold poorly on the 3DS. Something that Takenaka refutes:

"I don't think it's right to say this is anything to do with any perceived disappointment with the performance of the game on the 3DS; quite the opposite. We find that the reception from fans and critics was very positive and we were very happy with the sales given the 3DS market at the time of its release. It isn't anything to do with us trying to salvage any kind of lost opportunity; quite the contrary."