In The Newest Sniper Elite Game The Nazis Are Zombies For A Change

You’ll shoot them with your gun! They’ll shoot back! And groan and want to eat you!

Get this, right, in Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army there'll be Nazis that are brought back to life through some mystical circumstances as members of the undead. Y’know, because Hitler had an obsession with the occult and funnelled a significant research budget into it?

Or maybe it’s because of a Gypsy curse? Those are a thing, right? A thing that’s real and not just horribly offensive slander that shouldn’t be used anymore and was never really appropriate anyway?

Either way, those are two entirely new concepts that have never been used, especially not in an attempt to mix WW2 fiction with Zombies. This is entirely fresh.

Rebellion’s combination here is exciting because Sniper Elite’s core gameplay experience of blending realistic bullet physics into an otherwise disinteresting 3rd person formula made for good enough argument to play the Xbox 360 demo over and over again but never buy the full release.

Hopefully the addition of enemies that won’t go down without specific body targeting and the game’s difficult to pull off headshots will lead to an incredible tension that’s missing from any other title. Sniper Elite’s a game about slow pace initially and then reacting quickly and frantically after you’ve made your opening move, adding enemies with increased lethality can only improve this. It’s exciting to consider the posibilities that this brings to encounters.

For all that’s above these words that suggest a level of disinterest in this played out trope, this really does seem like the best possible place that the two things can be combined since Dead Snow, and this doesn’t even appear like it’ll have a scene with someone’s guts being used as a rope.

We can dream, though.