Aliens: Colonial Marines Gets Extended “Contact” Trailer

SEGA has released a new and extended "Contact" trailer for Aliens: Colonial Marines.

For those keeping tabs on Gearbox's Aliens: Colonial Marines, SEGA has just released an old trailer as a new one; I'm referring to the "Contact" trailer which was released a year ago but now has an extended cut.

While the trailer is entirely in CGI, it does a good job of showing us what players can expect when it comes to the game's vibe. If you're not an Aliens movie fan, then the story is as simple as this: Colonial Marines are on a spaceship named the U.S.S. Sulaco — yes, the same one as in the film — and we get to see how each team of Marines are fighting for their lives against the Xenomorphs who are slowly overtaking the ship.

The trailer's music is scored by Clint Mansell's "Welcome to Lunar Industries," which is part of the film Moon. For the game itself, the score is composed by Kevin Riepl, who also did the music for the first Gears of War by Epic Games.

It does seem like Gearbox has nailed the atmosphere right on the money, but let's just hope the gameplay itself is up to par, too. 

You can check up on more Aliens: Colonial Marines gameplay by watching this two-hour gameplay video or you can check out the list of Achievements/Trophies that you can complete in the game.

Finally, we reported yesterday that first DLC for Aliens: CM has just been outed by a retailer, you can read up on that here.

Aliens: Colonial Marines is set for a February 12 release on the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3, with a Wii U version soon to follow.

Thanks, Polygon