Black Ops 2: Rapid-Fire Remington Shotgun Exploit Caught on Video

You have to see this rapid-fire shotgun to believe it! Is this a bug or an exploit?

In almost every multiplayer game, there's bound to be a cheater or two that are out to ruin the fun for everyone. This is no different in Treyarch's Black Ops 2.

In previous posts, we reported that was a Prestige glitch in the game, and once Treyarch plugged that hole, hackers found a way to bypass the game's Master Prestige to go up to Prestige 12. 

In short, the game's not without its share of cheaters, hackers and people who use all kinds of exploits they can find to gain an advantage. It seems that what we uncovered pales in comparison to the video below, While it's one thing to hack Prestige rankings, it's another to use exploits to make guns way more powerful than they really are. 

In the video below by featured by YouTube user 402Thunder402, we get to see the Remington pump-action shotgun act like you've never seen it before. The Remington being a one-hit kill at short range might be annoying enough for some, but what if rapid-fire was added to it, too? Yep, that's what happens and you need to see it to believe it.

Truth be told, I honestly do not know if this is a bug during the match or if this is an intentional exploit. Regardless though, I think it's best if Treyarch sees this pronto so it can be fixed.

Have you experienced anything like this in Black Ops 2? If you have, post 'em in the comments below and hopefully, Treyarch sees 'em.