Sony Unveils Nostalgic Translucent Controller

Shut up and take my money.

Remember when you thought you were the coolest kid on the block because you had a translucent PS2 controller? Well, now you can relive those memories in 2017, with Sony most recently unveiled controller, DualShock 4 Crystal.

The controller is available right now for $65 USD at Gamestop exclusively available in the US. Right now there is now news if it will be making its way to other regions but let’s hope it does.

The clear design allows players to see the internals of the upper half of the controller (the other half is covered with matte gray plastic).

Pretty awesome right? This controller marks the latest addition to Sony’s series that included Gold, Silver, and Steel Black models, let’s hope the entertainment company has more dope controllers up its sleeve.

In other Sony news, the entertainment giant has just unveiled a new PSVR bundle at an awesome rate.

VR has become a massive hit this generation and it appears that Sony is still trying to get new adopters on the latest gaming enthusiast tech. The PlayStation VR is Sony’s answer to gamers wanting to dive into VR gameplay, though the price for a headset will cost players about as much as a brand new console.