Get The Noodle Hat Free DLC For Final Fantasy XV On PSN

Is this not the best DLC hat you have ever seen? Square Enix has launched its extremely ridiculous noodle hat outfit for free on PSN for Final Fantasy XV. According to the game’s description equipping the hat drastically increases HP recovery rate (Personally, I’m not too certain if this is just Square Enix trolling, or if it really does increase HP regen).

‘Stave off both fatigue and hunger with Nissin on your noggin! Inspired by everyone’s favorite Cup Noodles, this headpiece increases your HP recovery rate remarkably.’

Snag it for free before Square Enix puts a price on the extremely stylish headdress, here.

In other Final Fantasy news, we may get a map editor in the future for the PC release of the title.

Final Fantasy has been a staple name in the video game industry, a franchise that has spanned several decades. Now that the game has received its latest main installment to the series, Final Fantasy XV, it seems that the developers are nowhere near done with the title.

Instead of starting to hype up the next main installment, developers and certainly the director behind Final Fantasy XV have been working on what’s next for the game world. Recently, Engadget spoke with Hajime Tabata, who is the director behind Final Fantasy XV.

Final Fantasy XV is out now for PS4 and Xbox One.